Sunday, September 6, 2015

I was not watching Archer the entire time I was away from you.

Only part of it. He is, after all, my cartoon boyfriend.*

We've been hammering away at a special something for what seems like ages. What's that? You want more details?



Cigar Shenanigans are afoot! And here's the website to prove it!

We have a number of events in the works already.  Here's one:

And then there's this:

And lots more in various stages of progress! Comedy shows! Liquor tastings!  Oh, you just wait!!

*Don't tell Valentino.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Cigar of the Month: Rocky Patel

Last week,* Rocky Patel came to town, landing** at Broadway Cigars.

Broadway Cigars in Providence, RI.
Many men (and a few ladies--Hi Denise!) gathered for this rare Providence, RI sighting.

Just some of the usual suspects.***

And also one of the world's coolest dudes. Hi Brian!
Rocky was **** gracious, generous with his time, and funny--AND he put up with Will the Travelling Owl's willfulness, so in our book, he should be sainted.

The little bastard and Rocky

Of course, he also hung with Valentino for a bit, and they laughed it up like BFFs. (Not even kidding. I pity the guy who came up to Rocky and said, "Now who are you?")

Like Valentino's shirt? You can get one just like it here!
If you live on Planet Earth and have even taken a peek into the cigar world, you've heard the name Rocky Patel. Here's a spot of backstory so you can appreciate why his name is synonymous with cigars and you really only need to say "Rocky" and everyone knows who you mean.

Patel, er, Rocky, a former Los Angeles entertainment and liability lawyer, developed a fascination with cigars during the mid-1990s boom. After helping found the Grand Havana Club in LA, he invested in cigar manufacturing and the product--and his name--sailed to the annals of cigar history.

That beginning came in 1996, when the cigar world welcomed Rocky and business partner Phil Zhengi's Indian Tabac Company's**** "fresh ideas, bold packaging, and fuller cigars" and since then, his perfect tobacco blending and blending with smokers of his premium cigars is known throughout the community. [source]

Speaking of blending, at which Rocky excels, these were accidentally purchased during the Broadway Cigars event...

A smorgasborg of cigars!
What's the cigar equivalent of nom-nom-nom?

Also during the event, Rocky Patel (the company) rep Max Bichler provided some cigars to give away to you guys! Cigars that haven't been released to the public yet!

And we also got Rocky to sign a couple of boxes for you!

These boxes are empty, but they're still signed!

What's in the box?
Nothing. Not. A. Thing.
(Not kidding.)
In addition to what you see here, we're working on adding to the collection--more Rocky Patel cigars--we just couldn't finalize the secret switch in the back room of a speakeasy by "Dear god I have to announce next month's giveaway soon!" o'clock. But there will be more! Pinky swearsies!

So for now, we know there will be two first-prize winners. But of course we can't leave it at that! Stay tuned for The Adding of More Prizes.

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*Hahahaha. As if I did something in a timely manner.

**Not landing landing, as if his plane gently set down on Broadway's roof... Metaphorical landing.

In this picture,
they look like extras from a Sopranos episode.

****I'm sure he still is; after all, he's only been gone a few days.

*****Earlier this year, the company announced Indian Tabac's demise.

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