Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't be a douchebag: Facebook edition

No fewer than seventy gabillion (and counting) Facebook cigar groups exist and many many Cigarz Facebookerz belong to at least half of those, with a handful active participants.

Dude, it's really really hard to miss you.
No biggie, right?


Unless.  Oh yes. Unless.

Unless you happen to be friends with one of the oversharers. Then Facebook becomes the digital equivalent of Groundhog Day, but without Bill Murray's almighty quirkiness.  Here's how it goes:

Phase One: 
That's nice. A -----cigar with a pithy sentence or two. 
Oh. Same picture and text. 
Same pic and text. 

Or had to see the same Facebook post over and over and over...
Phase Two:
The picture and words. 
Picture. Words. Same. 
Is this ever going to stop? The same pictures and same damn words. 

Phase Three:
Dear God in heaven, is this ever going to stop?
What evil have I committed to make me have to look at this same picture and same text ad infinitum?
::scroll:: ::scroll:: ::scroll::
Unfriends that person, no longer caring about a long friendship or shared memories. You just want to stop seeing the same picture this decade. 

But I want people to see that I have this cigar, you say. 

No one cares.

There. I said it. And I know you aren't listening, instead thinking smugly, "You aren't talking about me. People want to see what I post."

Yes I am. And no...they don't. 

Choose two groups and post your picture. If you can't choose just two, then stagger your posts over the course of the day and change the damn text with each post. If you can't think of clever text to go with the picture, then why the hell are you putting it up at all?

CMA--No, not the Country Music Awards

CMA as in Cigar Media Association.

Guess who just entered the club?

Stop laughing.

I started this dang blog about a year and a half ago(ish) because I had a couple of great ideas for books, but in order to give my characters credibility, I needed to know more about the (cigar) world they live in. So I started researching.

You say "watching TV." I say "researching."
At the same time, Valentino and I started going to more in-shop events, dinners, spending more time investigating new cigar lounges, hanging at our close-to-home lounge, and travelling for bigger events (for example, CigarFest in some remote town in Pennsylvania, the CFCF Havana Nights fundraiser in Miami, and we JUST returned from Nicaragua). Sometimes funny things happened, sometimes interesting things happened, sometimes nothing happened but a good cigar wafted by, and that would spark a story just as much as a grand-doing.

I'm a storyteller by nature. (You should buy my books. Just sayin'.)

Superfriend Karl (Hi Karl!) says I'm not a cigar blogger; I'm a cigar storyteller. He's right. I don't care about the first third or any third for that matter, although if it's notable for one reason or another, I'll certainly tell you about it. I like the stories behind the cigars or the things that happen in my own little cigar world.  Is it cool to meet the owners and blenders? Yep. A round of picture-taking just to flaunt meeting them? Nope. But! If a story occurs during shenaniganning, then abso-kerflunkin-lutely you'll hear about it!

The actual Litto, actually dancing.
I guess it's the Litto Shuffle.
So what started as me needing a place to keep all the learnin' has become a home for our adventures.

Because I'm a professional writer at heart, I aim to answer questions before a reader asks them-- you'll notice I like to include the cigars' stats along the way--just so I'm providing a clear picture. The CMA's mission is "Providing the cigar industry with an accredited group of individuals that can produce accurate media to consumers and retailers." One of the curses that comes with writing professionally AND teaching people to write at the college level is the need to be a diligent researcher who uses reliable sources and credits those sources. So that happens and sometimes it takes a long time in order for it to happen, which is why postings are sometimes sporadic."* [nb: Urgh. The white blocks are an added bonus. No extra charge.]

The crazy themes and pictures? Those are to make Valentino laugh.** (Hopefully, you laugh too.)

As a new member of the CMA, Love of the Leaf joins these awesome online publications:

You should check them out. They're totally cool and joining them makes me feel like I just received a sparkly crown. Or I get to sit at the cool kids' lunch table. Or both. Yes! Definitely both! Simultaneously!! I'd do the happy dance, except...

This is literally me.
Okay, then. Figuratively.

*You know how when you go to look at one  video on YouTube and five hours later you're still watching cat videos? I'm the nerd version of that.

**And me laugh too. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Upcoming Event: No Boys Allowed! (At least for a while, anyway!)

This one is going to be a blast!! 

Upcoming Event: LFD at BWC! (That's La Flor Dominicana at Broadway Cigars, BTW!)

We probably had you at wine tasting, but in case you haven't heard--this event includes a wine tasting!! Wheeeee! 

You'll also receive an LFD cigar and a whole lot of learnin' that won't feel like learnin'!

This is part of the Cigar Shenanigans Taking Care of Business after Hours series!! More deets on that forthcoming! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Reboot your Blog

1. Fly to Nicaragua.

2. Take  three-ish hour bus ride* to Esteli.**

This is the actual bus--part Partridge Family, part torture chamber.
Me, tired; he, not.

3. Discover that the smugness you felt regarding your superior knowledge about cigars was unfounded, for you knew absolutely nothing. Noth. Ing.
But now I know some things, thanks to Nick Perdomo,
he of Perdomo Cigars.

4. Start from scratch.

*A comparison to the infamous three-hour tour would not be inappropriate.

**Because one must suffer for their art, I suppose. You're welcome.

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