Monday, August 29, 2016

Cigar(s) of the Month(s): A Rocky Patel Bonanza! (Also, Bite me, FDA) (Also, join the CRA!)

I'm hoping this giveaway takes up some of the slack of going AWOL. Speaking of slack, I've mastered the slacker lifestyle when it comes to the blog. But I'm trying to be better! And I know you'll forgive me because I'm giving shit away, and you can be easily bribed. (No judgments. So can I.)

So without further ado,* I give you this:  (Wait. I'm not giving it to you yet. One of you can win it. Go to the bottom of the post for the actual Rafflecopter giveawayness.)

At least all this can be yours. Who knows what else we'll throw in!
We're at the point now that we could really use another 2,000-count humidor to go with these:

And this:
Actually overfull now... :(
And the shelves were bowed when we got it.
They're all super-full now! Like, "air-flow isn't flowing optimally because there's literally no room to breathe" full. 

When Valentino wasn't looking (or so I thought), I pulled these Rocky Patels from the masses to give to one of you. He caught me. But since I had already made the promise, at least in my head, he didn't chop off one of my hands.**

This arm-waving did happen, though:

So back in the old-timey days (pre-August 8, 2016), many cigar companies were kind enough to give me cigars to give you.
Then August 8 happened, courtesy of the FDA, and now, among other iron-fist rulings, cigar companies are no longer allowed to give away cigars for any reason, unless a cigar shop does not yet carry that blend. Then they get one to try.  This also means no charity donations, including to overseas troops. And no free cigars for you unless they come from our personal humidors.

Rocky and Valentino
In honor of Rocky Patel's visit to Rhode Island last year right about this time, we thought the selection apropos--even if it also means I have to go back to school shortly. ::weeps openly::

Rocky Patel (the man) is also an amazing supporter of Cigar Rights of America,*** so really, full-tilt serendipity brought this post together.  (If you aren't a member of CRA, do it now. Tell them I sent you! And pay attention to all the options on the Rafflecopter giveaway--there are bonus entries if you're a member or become one!)

In the meantime, enter, share, win. Maybe we'll even have more than one winner! (Don't tell Valentino!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Much Ado about Nothing is one of my favorite plays!

**Theres a place for a really dirty joke here, but I'll let you make it on your own; that way you can feel really clever at my expense. You're welcome.

***Full disclosure: I am a CRA Ambassador, so this is an official shake-down.****

****Kidding! I'm kidding! It's an UN-official shakedown!


  1. Need more space? I think Val has OCD.

  2. You're right, I CAN be bribed! If Val needs to put some in "temporary" storage, you have my address!

  3. What you guys need to do is either build or convert to a walk-in humidor!!!

  4. Could take in some orphans if need be..

  5. Could take in some orphans if need be..

  6. gr8 line up of Rocky Patel cigars! start saving your pennies 'cause another 2000 count cigar humidor may be needed! thx very much for the contest. :-D

  7. Yes I believe you need a walk in convert a larger closet or small room. Thanks for the contest!

  8. It's always been a dream of mine to have my Man Cave with the Walk-in Humi.

  9. Thanks for the contest. Always here to help with any overflow/orphans...

  10. Valentino I would take very good care of the sticks that Penny promised

  11. Awesome‼️�������� Thank you so much, and congrats to Tim as well‼️


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