Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Insert incredibly clever title here. (Kind of like choose your ownadventure.)

Note: I'm phone blogging, so please forgive errors of all kinds, including logic. 

I came to Mickey Blake's in Southington, CT this summer for their 5th Anniversary celebration. (During this time, I played the role of Glynn Loope, the executive director of Cigar Rights of America. He unexpectedly couldn't make it; I stood in, as much as I could. I'm, after all, a mere mortal.)
During that last visit, Valentino had been off galavanting on a golf course in Pennsylvania.  He missed a great event and an introduction to an amazing cigar lounge. (Insert Bwahahaha maniacal laugh here.)

So when our pal Brian Vrooman, New England personification of PDR Cigars said Mr. PDR himself, Abe Flores would be at this Mickey Blake's location, I talked Valentino into a road trip. 

Actual conversation:
Me: We should go to the Abe thing at Mickey Blake's.
He: Okay. 

And there was much rejoicing because
1. He was/is super impressed with this place, and we've put in a request to have it moved to our vicinity. Still awaiting final judgement on that. 

2. We're big fans of Abe, Brian, and PDR.  (Oh, and the cigars, of course). 

So take two servings of awesome, throw in a side of awesome Valentino, and you get this:
Pictured: Brian, Mickey Blake's owners Marco and Joe, Abe, Valentino.
Another owner, Luis, was attending an event at the shop's other location.
If you're not familiar with PDR Cigars, check out this article about Abe in Cigar Aficionado. Or--no, AND--take a look at their website.

The reason for the celebration this evening? Mickey Blake's is one of only a few shops  to carry these new gems: 

...which come in these future cookie jars:

Want. (Cigars for he, jar for me.)

For more information about these blends, visit Cigar Coop here: 

Valentino hasn't smoked his yet, so we're in a holding pattern on that front.

Actually, he has all these to smoke: 
Don't be jealous. You can come to Mickey Blake's and get your own! If you're too wimpy to drive the three or three thousand miles to get here, I guess you could check with your local shop. 


  1. the jars are beautiful! the Connecticut Valley Reserve blends look awesome! thx for sharing the information, Penny. btw, just how many driving hours did it take to reach "Mickey Blake's"?

    1. It's supposed to be 2 hours. I decided hitting all rush hour traffic would be fun, so we did it in three!


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