Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We were on a break!

I swear I wasn't sleeping with another blog.

I was, however, being quite the whore with other websites and email addresses and special events.*


Sometimes a girl gets bored with the modus operandi. Sometimes she gets busy. Sometimes she thinks she has lost the inability to mix letters up in an acceptable manner. Sometimes she's unable to write due to fury coursing through her veins as former friends badmouth her and her beloved to anyone who will listen (including industry reps**) because they started a long-needed event company. And sometimes that fury bubbles to dangerous levels as the loudest critics steal her ideas and long-scheduled performers and destroy publicity materials. And sometimes she just needs a nap. A LOT of naps. (These naps may be a direct correlation to everything listed previously.)

So that's where we've been: Looking for a new approach to the blog, making lists, planning and hosting parties for (literally) hundreds of people (much to the chagrin of detractors), shaking our fists at all 26 letters individually and collectively, watching people speak out of both sides of their mouths (an interesting talent), and napping. A LOT of napping.

We're back, with many stories to tell, pictures to share, and fun to have.***

Fuck the detractors and former friends. We're here for you guys.


*Plus, school started and I had to teach classes again, so there's that too.

**I KNOW! True story!

***Plus gratuitous Archer jpegs and gifs because...Archer.

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