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Words of Wisdom #72

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices
have very few virtues"

Friday, March 27, 2015

Words of Wisdom #71


"There's something about smoking a cigar that feels like a celebration.
It's like a fine wine.
There's a quality, a workmanship,
a passion that goes into the smoking of a fine cigar."

April Cigar of the Month: Asylum 13 NOW! WITH MORE STUFF!

EDITED April 20, 2015: You guys! While the cat is away, the mouse will...
Sneak into Valentino's humidor and add to this giveaway!

So this, plus the t-shirt and four smaller Asylum 13s!

First of all, congratulations to our Twitter peeps Mark V, Tim M, and Chris B --all three won some Rocky Patel 1961 cigars! (And Mark, as the first one chosen, gets a lotta something extra!) 
(And we let Rafflecopter do the choosing, so no bias!)

Tom (left), Lauren, and Valentino. Photo by not me.

The other day, we got the chance to hang with Asylum co-owner and all-around awesome dude Tom Lazuka and the always lovely and charming CLE regional sales manager Lauren Ferraro at Habanos in Pawtucket, RI.

And they were nice enough to offer up this for you guys to win!

YEP! T-shirt and four cigars--plus whatever else we can dig up!

From the company website: "Asylum 13 cigars are true Nicaraguan Puros. A dark Nicaraguan Habana wrapper coats a combination of aged Cuban seed long filler grown throughout the black volcanic soils of Nicaragua. One can expect a slow, cool burn with a medium to full bodied array of flavor. These cigars are eventful throughout and something you don't want to miss out on."

Now you know Valentino is a superfan of Nicaraguan tobacco, so actually taking these away from him will be a challenge--but one I'm up for, because heh heh.*

As Cigars International so eloquently states about the Asylum 13, "A dark, Nicaraguan Habano wrapper cloaks a feisty combination of aged Cuban-seed long-fillers grown throughout the black, volcanic soils of Nicaragua. Upon lighting, one can expect a complex, medium to full-bodied array of flavorful, Nica-influenced goodness, along with a slow, cool burn letting you fully appreciate every last nuance. Earth, cocoa, espresso bean, black tobacco, sweet notes, and gentle spices. Indeed, Asylum 13 is eventful throughout, and a cigar you don't want to miss out on."**

And you won't miss out--if you enter the giveaway! But you can't win if you don't play!        
To sweeten the pot, I'm planning to break into these...

This is an old picture. They're both reasonably full now.

...and swiping a little something extra for you. (Because I'm nice like that.)

How do you enter? Via a Rafflecopter giveaway !! Do it now!!!!!

*Hi, Mom!

**Note to self: Get job writing copy for CI.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The short and long (and medium) of it: The cigar's inner workings

Here's something super-duper interesting! While at the Mr. Js Havana Cigar Shop's monthly cigar dinner, Nat Sherman's VP of Retail & Brand Development Michael Herklots discussed the inner workings of a cigar.


But, like anything else that is awesome, complex, and varied, the filler story doesn't stop there.  Look at this:


You're probably saying, What's the diff? And who cares?

(You should. But if you don't, no judgements. Just interesting cocktail party or cigar lounge fodder.)

If your cigar is composed of long fillers, that means one leaf is folded/arranged  and placed with other others of the same ilk in the same manner. These leaves run the length of the cigar and give you a straighter burn with more consistent ash, as well as a consistency of taste and a natural complexity. Think of it as variations of the same theme as the cigar burns down these leaves. You're getting the same amount of each tobacco leaf throughout. The finest cigars use this technique, as you would expect.

Think of it as the bone-in rib eye of the cigar world. When you consume it, you take your time, savoring every bite; similarly, the long-filler cigar will burn more slowly than its compatriots.

Dear God. Yum. [source]

The cigar with short filler means it is composed of chopped up leaves, so as you smoke, the flavor will consistently change, depending on what filler leaf combination you happen to be burning at that moment. Because the leaves are not burning evenly, you'll find the ash can get a bit lopsided, which will require you to pay more attention as it burns. Sometimes, you'll also get small bits of tobacco on your tongue with short filler, which can be annoying.

Generally the short filler will be considered a lesser quality cigar, but sometimes you'll see that a cigar line will say a particular stick's promotional materials will say it's made from the same tobacco as the premium cigars. How is that possible? Oftentimes, the tobacco for the short filler are the cuttings and trimmings from those premium cigars.

But! If you have a fave that also happens to be a cigar with this type of filler, don't let that stop you from enjoying it!

Think of these trimmings and choppings as the hot dog of the cigar world. And how do you consume a hot dog? In as few bites as possible, generally.

No judgements. Also delicious.* [source]

And the medium filler? Just what you think--the pieces are bigger than those included in the short-filler cigars, but are not single tobacco leaves folded or rolled together. Sometimes these are referred to as sandwiches, which brings us to...

Think of the medium filler as a nice burger. (We like cheese on ours, but that doesn't really fit the analogy.)

My burger of choice, from Friendly's. [source]

Just to throw in another thing to think about, sometimes you're going to come in contact with a cigar that, to quote Valentino's dad (in a completely different and opposite context, but I really wanted to make this reference), "I'm sucking and sucking and not getting anything."** In this case, it generally means the cigar has a really tight construction.*** To fix that, a toothpick lovingly jammed into the head**** (the cigar's, not yours) and then removed will provide safe passage for the airflow.

Of course, the opposite also occurs: a loose construction means that sucker's going to burn quickly, so be prepared. How do you remedy this? Smoke it and be done with it.


Alert, alert! Just because one cigar is tight or loose doesn't mean the whole batch is that way, so don't let one bad instance turn you off a particular cigar. Stuff happens. Just like you could be off your game at work or school, remember that you're smoking a hand-rolled cigar. A person made that--by hand. A glitch every now is to be expected--even from the best names in the business. rarely, but it happens.

Of course, there's lots of other elements at work here, all the things that make a cigar your favorite or not favorite, but I could use a snack. Let's have a snack. Or a cigar. Or both--and check in on this again later. Deal?

*Next time you're in or around Rhode Island, you MUST check out the New York System's Hot Weiners in Olneyville. Go here for more info.

**This was actually said in relation to perciatelli pasta, which is like thick spaghetti, but with a tunnel running through it. If you try to slurp it up, the sound you hear from the tunnels is the pasta laughing at you. Same concept with some cigars, though.
***Similar to it being wound too tight, which happens to me sometimes.

****Right where you snipped off or punched or V-cut the cap.

Words of Wisdom #70

"A fine cigar is just like a woman.
If you don't light it up just right and suck on it with a certain frequency,
it will go out on you."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Words you should know: Papeleta Or: My parents went to Jamaica and all I got was...this awesome box of cigars!. (Thank you!)

The worst part of opening a new box of cigars: Cutting the Papeleta.*

Just like your virginity, once violated, there's no going back.

We received a box of pre-1988 Royal Jamaica cigars the other day and we snapped off the yellow cello,** which was heartbreaking enough. We both stared at the papeleta, that sticker or seal that yells, "No one has opened this box. Ever. And now you're going to do it? Even though its been sealed up for over 27 years? What kind of monster are you?"

Not our box, but a box just like this.

We put the box down and circled our prey, checking it out from afar and progressively closer. Valentino approached cautiously, sharpened Henckles knife in hand. I stood behind him, peeking around. He makes an excellent human shield, by the way. I pushed him (lovingly) and we decided doing it quickly would be the least painful.

He ran the knife across the papeleta and pried the top up. He's very brave, my man.

The angels began their songs as the cover lifted, revealing:


You've probably seen the Royal Jamaica cigars around, but with a completely different look. Something more along the lines of this:


Our new (to us) box differs because while the name remains the same, the cigar itself isn't, all because Mother Nature had herself a good old hurricane in 1988.

In a Cigar Aficionado story, we learn about Robert L. Gore, a third-generation tobacco grower, who "knows hurricanes all too well. In September 1988, Hurricane Gilbert slammed into Jamaica at full strength, maiming the nation's cigar industry. The storm destroyed Gore's factory in Kingston, which had stood since his grandfather James Frederick Gore founded Royal Jamaica in 1935, and ruined 1,000 acres of tobacco in May Pen.

"It was the worst natural disaster to befall Jamaica since the 1907 earthquake that turned Kingston into rubble. Because of Gilbert, the Jamaican tobacco industry was set back several years, production of Royal Jamaica cigars was shifted to the Dominican Republic, and Jamaican tobacco was no longer used in the island's biggest brand, Macanudo."

A box of these babies, the pre-hurricane cigars, actually-made-in-Jamaica Royal Jamaica cigars, is one of the industry's great white whales. Thanks to my parents, who stopped in Jamaica on a cruise, brought us back a box. Of course, we sent them with a map to a store where we'd previously purchased them, on a similar cruise, *** along with photos of what they were looking for (and what they weren't looking for). My dad said they handed our instructions to the shopkeeper and said, "We need these."


According to the same CA article, "Royal Jamaicas have a distinctive smooth, woody taste, owed in large part to the mild Jamaican tobacco that makes up much of their filler. (Gore tends to leave the strongest leaves, the smallest ones, unpicked, and never removes the flowers from the top of the plant. This, he feels, smooths out the tobacco's flavor.) Another flavor factor is a bubbling cauldron inside the factory. It's filled with bethune, a mixture that includes rum, wine, vinegar and native herbs that workers spray on Jamaican tobacco after it cures. Gore says the bethune stops mold from forming on the tobacco during Jamaica's wet season and enhances the flavor of the cigars. As legend has it, the potion was created by Henry Winkle, who worked for Gore's grandfather."

We suggest, if you have the chance to get the originals,**** you grab them and go (after paying, of course). We also suggest, because you don't know how they've been cared for, lo these many years, you tuck them safely into the humidor for a bit--the cigar equivalent of buying them a drink and making some nice conversation, until they're ready.

Maybe it's just us, but we think, similar to that whole virginity thing, if you cut the papeleta just right, and at the right time, you will be very happy.*****

*The best part, of course, is getting to the inner goodness.

**This makes me laugh every time I say it. Go ahead! Try it! Yellow Cello!

If you turn around, you'd see a two-story window and balcony.
Yep. This was our room on that cruise.

****From what we understand, the new ones are pretty good too. We haven't yet partaken of those, which are made by Altidas.

*****And with the right, er, box of cigars, of course.

Words of Wisdom #69

"[Cigars are] the only realized ambition which has not brought disillusion."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Words you should know: As puro as the undriven snow. And the (ahem) undriven princess

CAUTION: Stay with me here. It'll all come together. Probably.

This post is not just to bitch about the damn snow, which was once beautiful and puro, and is now an ugly concoction of road grime and frozen water. Awesome. So the bitching about snow is just an added bonus to this post. Did we mention it snowed on Saturday? Just as we were doing the "Hurrah! It's spring!" dance?

Anyway, then there's the puro of the beautiful princess:

Hey! Hey! Hey! Puro, Buttercup! We're talking about PURO.
Oh please tell me you know these references are from The Princess Bride.
If you didn't get it, we can't be friends anymore.

Anyway, moving on, since we can almost see the gas grill now...

And we know that Princess Buttercup retains her puroness until the end of the movie...

In the cigar world, you've probably seen or heard the word "puro" from time to time.


In this case, it actually does.

It's Spanish for "pure." It's also Spanish for "cigar." So there's that.

And it means the whole kit-and-caboodle cigar--wrapper, binder, filler, come from the same country.

Our hero* is quite fond of Nicaraguan puros, most notably all things Padron.

So next time someone tosses that word around in a cigar conversation,** you won't have to smile and nod and try to remember to look it up, which we know never happens.***

You can smile, and nod, and say, "I'm especially fond of [insert a country here] puros, especially the [insert name of cigar that is a puro and is a cigar made in that country]."****

*Valentino, if you're new. The Westley of our story. Which makes me Princess Buttercup. Yeah, bitches!*****

**Conversation about cigars. Not with cigars.

***Like, four minutes ago, I was going to look something up, but I wanted to finish what I was doing first. Now I have no idea what that was. ::headdesk:: <--kitchen table, actually

****Sorry about the homework, but you'll thank us.

*****This is probably conduct unbecoming a princess. But then that whole puro thing is long out the window, too.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Words of Wisdom #68

If you don't check out these cigars, you'll be sad, but we can't Falto you.

Phase whatever of the evening. So far, we had been here, to refresh your memory. I guess I should have been keeping count, but to be honest, I have ingested so many many many of these things, the days just fly by.

What gets me through the day.

We made our way to Havana Cigar Club, just like we promised we would.

There we started with this, the Falto Dos Banderas...
...which was ranked #2 in the "Panetelas" section of the March/April 2015 edition of Cigar Aficionado.
Of course, we weren't there just for the awesome cigars; that was an added bonus.  We stopped by for the opportunity to say "Howdy!" to (literally) Mr. Falto himself, center in the photo below.
Todd, Luis, our hero
We were supposed to try out the new Falto 20th Anniversary cigar, but because we lollygagged,* that ship sailed and the cigars were gone. That means we'll have to wait a month like the rest of the commoners.**

In case you missed it, you should check out  Luis' story, as well as the story of La Garita Cigar Company and Cigarros Falto, which is quite interesting; we couldn't possibly do it justice in this little old blog,*** so you should read about it here.

The Havana Cigar Club, 24 Quaker Lane in Warwick RI, is the only one in our area (that we know of) carrying the Falto brand.  You should take a jaunt there, or to you own local B&M, and pick up a couple. Or a few. Or even some. Or all.  Your choice really, but you should totally do it. Consider this peer pressure. Or peep pressure.

nom nom nom

*My fault. In my defense, I am a most excellent lollygagger.

**Sigh. Hello, commoners.

***We think the false modesty is becoming.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two Guys, two blog posts, and a radio show <--Two out of three ain't bad

You should  have seen the post before this. It was genius and witty and clever. And then the iPad ate it. And then I shook the iPad, but the post didn't come out. I swear I almost yelled "I'll kill you if you don't come back!" It didn't.  I didn't. I had the sad. 

So please enjoy both the redo and redux: 

We have new BFFs. That we met on the mighty internets. On the Twitter* to be exact. No, we're not being catfished.** These are real people. With a real radio show that begins this Sunday. We would very much appreciate you listening and calling in. What's that? Yes! Tell them we sent you! You took the words right out of my mouth. 

From the press release: "Smooth draws? That's the expected greeting to all listeners calling The Cigar Guys Radio Show, a new cigar lifestyle talk show that will air its first broadcast on Atlanta’s AM 920 The Answer on March 22 from11 AM – 1 PM (ET). Smooth draws signifies the ease in which a cigar yields a mouthful of flavorful smoke. That's how the Cigar Guys envision their show - smooth and enjoyable!"***

THE two guys!
Now you're thinking, Er. Penny? Even if we believed these guys are real, we're not in Atlanta. There's no way we can...
To quote Meatloaf, "Stop right there!"****
He's frightening. If he says stop, I'll stop.
You can listen to the radio show simulcast at So boom. (Imagine mic drop here.) You should check out the website anyway, because there's some good stuff there. No need to fly to Atlanta. 

Gosh, you're persnickety today. Did your iPad eat a blog post too? We're sorry. Anyway, here's the show description from the Cigar Guys themselves; read them and weep (with joy): "Gary 'Doc' Laden and Alan 'The Cigar Savant' Friedman will keep you informed about the latest cigar brands and blend launches; interview the movers and shakers in the cigar industry; give their opinions on the cigars they smoke; talk about the best spirits to pair with your cigars; inform you where all the best cigar events will be occurring and engage you in conversation about the cigar lifestyle. They'll be giving away some neat 'cigar swag' prizes during their show, especially during the "Win Cigar Swag from the Cigar Savant" trivia contest segment."  How can you NOT check this out? 

If you want to join our BFF Club, check them out @CigarGuysRadio. (And we're @cigargal, in case you didn't know, although how could you not know?) These guys are funny and clever and nice and informative. Just like us.  Stop laughing. We are so. For the most part. Oh for crying out loud, at least give us funny, wouldya? 

All the deets in case you have amnesia.

*Said ironically. 

**One of Valentino's favorite dishes at PF Chang's was the Hot Fish, which featured catfish. But they got cheap and now it's some poor substitute--tilapia, I think. 

***Heh heh. Smooth and enjoyable. 

****You're welcome for the ear worm. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From the (Face)Book of Jim

Unless you've been living somewhere other than Penny World (although why would you be anywhere else, since here everything is fun and sparkly. Plus unicorns.)   I wandered away from my sentence again. 
So unless you're new, you know how much we adore Jim Robinson, he of Leaf by Oscar and Island Jim fantabulous cigars, as well as the superfantabuloso Leaf and Bean.

Jim and our hero
The other day on the facebook,* Jim posted the following missive, which sums up pretty much all that is right with the cigar word.**
The only changes I made were adding paragraphing. He said I should change it to make him sound smarter, but I'm ignoring that for three reasons:
1. No way would I even attempt to alter his voice. "Find your voice and commit to it," I tell my students.  Jim's writing voice is as open and friendly and honest and awesome as he is. To mess with it would be a crime. 
2. Jim is already wicked smaht, as we say here in New England.
3. I forgot what the other thing was. 

Jim in his shop Leaf and Bean in the Pittsburgh Strip District
So with that, please enjoy:
All the time as a retailer I am asked what is your favorite cigar. What a question, how do I pick just one. There are so many great manufacturers out there making fabulous cigars, its impossible for me to pick a favorite. My goal is to try them all, yes I have certain tobaccos that I like. But to pick ONE from thousands is impossible for me. And there are so many great masters of the craft, I cannot even start naming names, mostly for the fear I will not mention one of the masters of the craft.

For the most part great cigars are in that $7 - $20 price range. Some below a few higher, but money does not make a cigar taste better to me. I respect a fair number of Master Blenders or as I refer to them the Head Chefs of a fine restaurant who know their ingredients and how to make a great recipe.

I have had fantastic $6.00 cigars, and OK $20.00 cigars. The joy of cigar smoking for me is to experiment, try them, smoke them. I have not in my opinion had a bad cigar yet! Some may not fit my taste profile, but that does not make it bad. Not one, Not one, manufacturer that I know is making a bad cigar. They are making cigars for their market, some markets I fall into, some I don't. Does not make them bad.

We are living in great times, we have choices, It was not that many years ago, that we did not have choices, there was only so many different manufactures to choose from, now every day I am hearing and trying something I never heard of. For me, that is what cigar smoking is all about, always on the quest to try something new, to find that perfect cigar, that perfect cigar that fits my budget.

Not everyone agrees with me, and you know what "Thats OK." That is what is so cool about cigar smoking we don't have to agree. What brings us together is the ritual, the socializing 10 guys and gals around a table will be smoking 10 different cigars and they all at the time think they are smoking the best. Wahoo!

What a country.... For me the quest is on, I am smoking and enjoying and looking for that next great cigar.....

You must have all of these. Go ahead. We'll wait.
So, as Jim would say, "Wahoo!!"

*I say this in an ironic way. 
**Imagine one of those Ven Diagrams. One circle says Cigar World and the other says Penny World. That place where it overlaps? And it does overlap. That's a bit of heaven where a handful of people live. It's very nice there, if I do say so myself. 

Words of Wisdom #66

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Words of Wisdom #67

In which we steal a gorgeous photograph from Twitter

The cigars formerly known as Mysterio.
The cigars currently known as awesome
(also TCFKAM). Photo from @LFDcigars

You should follow us on Twitter. It makes us feel good about ourselves as the numbers slowly climb. Plus, sometimes we're funny. And we retweet stuff from funnier people. Plus, lots of cigar stuff, obvs.

Go ahead. We're @cigargal. See you on the mighty internets!

CLE: Yeah, you know we (will be there) <--I was going for the rhyme rather than clarity

First, we're sorry about the wonky font. Is it fixable? Probably. Will we fix it? Probably not.

Usually, we have to travel to meet new friends from the cigar world. (See Jim Robinson, Luis Falto.) Well this time, we have home field advantage (which means we don't have to drive far) because our pal Lauren Ferraro, CLE regional sales manager (Hi Lauren!) is bringing Tom Lazuka, owner of Asylum Cigars, to Habanos Cigar Lounge .
Home, sweet home.
You know and love the Asylum Cigars, including Asylum, Asylum 13, Schizo, and the Ogre. Now you’ll get to meet their maker!
The man himself [source]

Lazuka and Christian Eiroa, the dynamic co-founding duo, use a “take no prisoners” approach, providing a variety of taste profiles, featuring Nicaraguan tobacco, at approachable prices for a broad cigar audience.

Lazuka and Eiroa are proud that Asylum Cigars will “provide customers a diversity of new experiences. Lazuka noted. ‘By partnering with Christian Eiroa and his company...we have a platform that gives us the ability to create full-body, high-palate-impact to truly flavorful medium bodied cigars and our formats range from 44 x 4 to 70 x 7, all rolled with the finest available Nicaragua tobacco reserves,’” according to the Asylum website.
Obvs we are in need of an Asylum event.
These are all we had in the humidor!
Eiroa, former owner of Camacho, is also responsible for the Eiroa blend, which will be featured at this event.  The Eiroa is an “authentic Honduran corojo (which Christian is known for),” according to Ferraro.
You'll get to meet these in person too! [source]
We'll tell you lots more things after the event happens!  And in case you want to join us* and say "Hello!" or buy us drinks or woo us with French fries, Habanos is located at 1438 Newport Ave. in Pawtucket, RI.

*How to recognize us: Valentino looks as Italian as his name sounds and is super duper friendly, so he'll probably be milling about. I'll be the socially awkward one at the bar, nose buried in a laptop or iPad.


It wasn't an Illusione after all! I do mix the metaphors into a dangerous concoction! Enter at your own risk!

Number three? Make that number awesome.

One of the millions of best parts of this movie.
We hadn't had Cigar Aficionado's #3 in their top 25 of 2014, the Illusione Fume d'Amour, yet...mainly because so many cigars, so little time. Sigh. 

But we're* at a cigar dinner sponsored by Mr J's Havana, our once a month festival of smoke and food and pals.  Yes, herfing.  But that sounds so...I don't know. Dirty? Kind of.


Anyway, Illusione is the featured cigar this month and (keep in mind I've been choking down huge quantities of prednisone lately) the Fume d'Amour Clemente is mother-effing fantastic.

The beginning of a love affair
You already know how we feel about best-of lists, since everyone and his brother has one, all based on an elusive, intangible selection process.  So keeping in mind that we're meh on it, Valentino lit up the Smoke of Love or Love Smoke and, I hate to say it, I fell in love.** 

Named #3 in the Cigar Aficionado 2014 year-end wrap up,*** this Nicaraguan puro, at 6 1/2 x 48 was "created by Dion Giolito, a cigar retailer from Reno, Nevada, who knew what he wanted in a great cigar and wasn’t afraid to push hard to get them just right," according to the Cigar Aficionado story. 
A few members of the regulars--Paul Joyle, Tom Joyle, our hero,
Mark Freeley, and Edgar Deckmange.
For this gang at Millonzi's in West Warwick, RI, the Fume d'Amour  is the perfect post-dinner...I guess you could call it dessert.****

"Limited production and high grade tobacco combine for what are some of the top-tiered blends on the market today, and Fume D’Amour stays true to that recipe." [source]
At the Mr. J's dinners, you receive two cigars.
Naturally, our hero gets four, because he makes off with mine.

Illusione spokesmodel Edgar Deckmange told us about how this cigar doesn't use any ligero, which is usually the leaf that punches you in the face, the heavyweight champion of tobacco leaves. Instead, Giolito blended viso and seco, the lower, milder primings, which created the full-bodied bout, without the 1-2 punch. But like a fight of experienced boxers, the small moves, the refined notes, create the technical knockout of other cigars in a sly, subtle way.

"You wouldn't know there's no ligero in this," said our hero, as he performed a magic trick, making the cigar disappear.

The hand is quicker than the eye.

"That's the 4-6 year old tobacco," Edgar told us. And Giolito choreographs different portions of the leaf, some closer to the stem, others towards the end of the leaf, which makes for the unique blends found in the Illusione cigars. The prizefighter makes sure all rollers are making cigars only to his liking.

It's true! Not only do you get great food and cigars, you can also LEARN things at these cigar dinners. 

If you're interested in whooping it up with us, the next two events will be:

Monday, April 6--Drew Estate

Monday May 4--Tatuaje


*I swear I start these things with the good intention of finishing them that night and being all timely--like back in the days when I was a newspaper reporter: Getting shit done right away. I was much younger and less distracted back then.

**I'm sticking with the present tense. If this bothers you, let me know and I'll get a Sharpie so you can change it.

***Sometimes I can be such a stupid girl.

****It IS Cigar Aficionado, so that's something.
*****Dammit. I want dessert. Why can I never ever get dessert at these damn cigar dinners, regardless of where they are held and by whom. 

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