Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two Guys, two blog posts, and a radio show <--Two out of three ain't bad

You should  have seen the post before this. It was genius and witty and clever. And then the iPad ate it. And then I shook the iPad, but the post didn't come out. I swear I almost yelled "I'll kill you if you don't come back!" It didn't.  I didn't. I had the sad. 

So please enjoy both the redo and redux: 

We have new BFFs. That we met on the mighty internets. On the Twitter* to be exact. No, we're not being catfished.** These are real people. With a real radio show that begins this Sunday. We would very much appreciate you listening and calling in. What's that? Yes! Tell them we sent you! You took the words right out of my mouth. 

From the press release: "Smooth draws? That's the expected greeting to all listeners calling The Cigar Guys Radio Show, a new cigar lifestyle talk show that will air its first broadcast on Atlanta’s AM 920 The Answer on March 22 from11 AM – 1 PM (ET). Smooth draws signifies the ease in which a cigar yields a mouthful of flavorful smoke. That's how the Cigar Guys envision their show - smooth and enjoyable!"***

THE two guys!
Now you're thinking, Er. Penny? Even if we believed these guys are real, we're not in Atlanta. There's no way we can...
To quote Meatloaf, "Stop right there!"****
He's frightening. If he says stop, I'll stop.
You can listen to the radio show simulcast at So boom. (Imagine mic drop here.) You should check out the website anyway, because there's some good stuff there. No need to fly to Atlanta. 

Gosh, you're persnickety today. Did your iPad eat a blog post too? We're sorry. Anyway, here's the show description from the Cigar Guys themselves; read them and weep (with joy): "Gary 'Doc' Laden and Alan 'The Cigar Savant' Friedman will keep you informed about the latest cigar brands and blend launches; interview the movers and shakers in the cigar industry; give their opinions on the cigars they smoke; talk about the best spirits to pair with your cigars; inform you where all the best cigar events will be occurring and engage you in conversation about the cigar lifestyle. They'll be giving away some neat 'cigar swag' prizes during their show, especially during the "Win Cigar Swag from the Cigar Savant" trivia contest segment."  How can you NOT check this out? 

If you want to join our BFF Club, check them out @CigarGuysRadio. (And we're @cigargal, in case you didn't know, although how could you not know?) These guys are funny and clever and nice and informative. Just like us.  Stop laughing. We are so. For the most part. Oh for crying out loud, at least give us funny, wouldya? 

All the deets in case you have amnesia.

*Said ironically. 

**One of Valentino's favorite dishes at PF Chang's was the Hot Fish, which featured catfish. But they got cheap and now it's some poor substitute--tilapia, I think. 

***Heh heh. Smooth and enjoyable. 

****You're welcome for the ear worm. 

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