Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oliva: Insert your own witty comment here (Brain? Dead.)

The man and the cigars.
This is happening now!*

We were supposed to be heading to another shindig, but stopped by the Oliva event at Broadway Cigars first--because you know I hate to miss a party.**

But we love these Men (and Lady--hi Lexy!) of Broadway and hadn't yet met John Gazzero, the Oliva account manager for our area, so win-win. 

First, though, we accidentally stopped and had pizza at Caserta's on Federal Hill,*** a favorite of our hero**** to fuel event-hopping. And THEN headed into Broadway.  Full disclosure and all that. 
We made off with a handful of Melanios, which Valentino loves. For some reason, none lived in either of our humidors. Whaaaaa? I know! We've learned that sometimes you have to look for what's not there, rather than gazing lovingly at what lies perfectly in their logically-appointed sections. 
So even though we were all, "We're not buying anything,"***** obvs we couldn't not buy something. We love love love the deals at these events, where you buy some and get some. So now we have another new favorite.  This:

We've chatted about these babies before, but maybe you got amnesia, and you're sitting here reading this, thinking, "Good heavens, what was the number one cigar in Cigar Aficionado last year?"
I'm so glad we were here for you.
BTW, if you haven't been to Broadway in Providence yet, you should totally go!  Newly painted! Brand new furniture!

Same old fellas, thankfully!
The usual suspects with Island Jim.
All right, off to phase two of our evening!!

*Although long in the past when I get around to finishing this (3 days later--not bad for my killer procrastination skills) and you get to read it. But NOW, as I start it. 

**This is an unabashed lie. A LIE. Ultimately, I'm both lazy and antisocial. Thinking about having to curl my hair, put on makeup, AND dress like a girl simultaneously makes me weep. 

***Proof that we are not trainable--we usually drive there for a meal on Mondays. They aren't open on Mondays. We know this. And yet we try and try. Luckily, we may be gaining some smarts!!

****I'm a thin-crust girl myself. The things we do for love. 

*****We say it every time. We have never stuck to it. Not ever. Ever. 

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