Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where We'll Be: Falto Cigars Early Release Event at Havana Cigar Club

This Thursday, March 12 at 7:00, we're heading over to Havana Cigar Club in West Warwick for a 20th Anniversary event with the one and only Luis Falto!

The man himself.

By the way, this means we'll get to try the 20th Anniversary cigar a full month before anyone else. (Although maybe, just maybe, a certain someone happens to have one in a certain humidor, and Cabellero #2 might also have one. Because, you know, we know a guy...)

Anyway, who's in with us?

How about if we said Luis was flying  in just to have a meet and greet with us--and you, if you come, you should come--and to chat about his amazing new cigar, the Falto Eminente. Rumour (::cough internet stalking cough::) has it, this cigar has the following elements: Habano Ecuador wrapper, Double (Dominican and Cuban Seeds) Ecuador binder, and Dominican filler.*

How about if we tell you that Luis' story, as well as the story of La Garita Cigar Company and Cigarros Falto is an interesting one and we couldn't possibly do it justice in this little old blog, so you should read about it here.**
 How about if we tell you that if you purchase any Falto cigar at this event, you'll get to try the 20th Anniversary Cigar--compliments of Luis!***
Luis Juan Falto is a young entrepreneur from the city of Mayag├╝ez, Puerto Rico. "A cigar smoker for more than two decades and connoisseur of everything concerning the culture of tobacco, his cigars represent the ambitious initiative to create an exclusive line of premium boutique cigars powered by his experience and knowledge," according to the company website. "At the same time, he created a unique philosophy of making cigars full of passion and love for the tradition of such art form."

 So we'll see you there? We'll see you there. We'll be looking for you. Look for us--we're easy to spot: The handsome devil and his socially awkward sidekick!****
*If this has changed and we're totally wrong, we apologize. We're flying without a net here. And by that, I mean one of us is quitting Diet Coke and grrrr.
**Consider it homework. There may or may not be a quiz.
***And we're not talking one cigar that gets passed around between all attendees. Because that would be gross. Although one of these days remind me to tell you about the guy who picked up one of Valentino's discarded cigars and finished it. It still makes me gag to think about it.

****We should get costumes with capes. Hopefully by Thursday.

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