Monday, March 23, 2015

Words you should know: As puro as the undriven snow. And the (ahem) undriven princess

CAUTION: Stay with me here. It'll all come together. Probably.

This post is not just to bitch about the damn snow, which was once beautiful and puro, and is now an ugly concoction of road grime and frozen water. Awesome. So the bitching about snow is just an added bonus to this post. Did we mention it snowed on Saturday? Just as we were doing the "Hurrah! It's spring!" dance?

Anyway, then there's the puro of the beautiful princess:

Hey! Hey! Hey! Puro, Buttercup! We're talking about PURO.
Oh please tell me you know these references are from The Princess Bride.
If you didn't get it, we can't be friends anymore.

Anyway, moving on, since we can almost see the gas grill now...

And we know that Princess Buttercup retains her puroness until the end of the movie...

In the cigar world, you've probably seen or heard the word "puro" from time to time.


In this case, it actually does.

It's Spanish for "pure." It's also Spanish for "cigar." So there's that.

And it means the whole kit-and-caboodle cigar--wrapper, binder, filler, come from the same country.

Our hero* is quite fond of Nicaraguan puros, most notably all things Padron.

So next time someone tosses that word around in a cigar conversation,** you won't have to smile and nod and try to remember to look it up, which we know never happens.***

You can smile, and nod, and say, "I'm especially fond of [insert a country here] puros, especially the [insert name of cigar that is a puro and is a cigar made in that country]."****

*Valentino, if you're new. The Westley of our story. Which makes me Princess Buttercup. Yeah, bitches!*****

**Conversation about cigars. Not with cigars.

***Like, four minutes ago, I was going to look something up, but I wanted to finish what I was doing first. Now I have no idea what that was. ::headdesk:: <--kitchen table, actually

****Sorry about the homework, but you'll thank us.

*****This is probably conduct unbecoming a princess. But then that whole puro thing is long out the window, too.

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