Friday, March 6, 2015

Where we'll be: It's all an Illusione

Actually, for realz.  On Monday, March 9, (yes, in 2015--although funny story: Yesterday I wrote the year as 2012. Last week, I put a due date as 10/3. I'm obviously having time/space continuum issues.*)

Dammit. I hate when my sentences get side-tracked.  

On Monday, March 9, we'll be at the Mr. J's Havana cigar dinner at Millonzi's in West Warwick, RI. The featured cigar? Illusione!

Illusione Rep Edgar Deckmange will be on hand to chat about...well, probably anything, now that I think about it.

You should come. I guarantee a few things:
  1. The food will be fab.
  2. The company will be even better.**
  3. You will get a couple of cigars--and they'll make you super happy. (Not sure which ones, though.)
  4. You will not regret going.***
  5. You will not get to meet Will, because he'll be on a Caribbean cruise.
Will is here.
Want to know more? Read this interview from Cigar Insider with Dion Giolito. "The company, which is only a few years old [in 2008], was founded by Dion Giolito. According its website, the idea behind Illusione is to recreate the flavor of Nicaraguan cigars from the period before the Sandinistas took over in 1979. Illusiones are a Nicuraguan puro made in Honduras." 

And if you've learned nothing so far, you must have caught that Valentino is a number one fan of Nicaraguan cigars.

Okay, not this bad...
I see a box of Illusiones in our future...

*Star Trek reference in honor or the late, great Leonard Nimoy.

**And I'm not even talking about our hero and myself.

***And if you do, I will buy you a pony.****

****This I do not guarantee.

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