Sunday, March 15, 2015

It wasn't an Illusione after all! I do mix the metaphors into a dangerous concoction! Enter at your own risk!

Number three? Make that number awesome.

One of the millions of best parts of this movie.
We hadn't had Cigar Aficionado's #3 in their top 25 of 2014, the Illusione Fume d'Amour, yet...mainly because so many cigars, so little time. Sigh. 

But we're* at a cigar dinner sponsored by Mr J's Havana, our once a month festival of smoke and food and pals.  Yes, herfing.  But that sounds so...I don't know. Dirty? Kind of.


Anyway, Illusione is the featured cigar this month and (keep in mind I've been choking down huge quantities of prednisone lately) the Fume d'Amour Clemente is mother-effing fantastic.

The beginning of a love affair
You already know how we feel about best-of lists, since everyone and his brother has one, all based on an elusive, intangible selection process.  So keeping in mind that we're meh on it, Valentino lit up the Smoke of Love or Love Smoke and, I hate to say it, I fell in love.** 

Named #3 in the Cigar Aficionado 2014 year-end wrap up,*** this Nicaraguan puro, at 6 1/2 x 48 was "created by Dion Giolito, a cigar retailer from Reno, Nevada, who knew what he wanted in a great cigar and wasn’t afraid to push hard to get them just right," according to the Cigar Aficionado story. 
A few members of the regulars--Paul Joyle, Tom Joyle, our hero,
Mark Freeley, and Edgar Deckmange.
For this gang at Millonzi's in West Warwick, RI, the Fume d'Amour  is the perfect post-dinner...I guess you could call it dessert.****

"Limited production and high grade tobacco combine for what are some of the top-tiered blends on the market today, and Fume D’Amour stays true to that recipe." [source]
At the Mr. J's dinners, you receive two cigars.
Naturally, our hero gets four, because he makes off with mine.

Illusione spokesmodel Edgar Deckmange told us about how this cigar doesn't use any ligero, which is usually the leaf that punches you in the face, the heavyweight champion of tobacco leaves. Instead, Giolito blended viso and seco, the lower, milder primings, which created the full-bodied bout, without the 1-2 punch. But like a fight of experienced boxers, the small moves, the refined notes, create the technical knockout of other cigars in a sly, subtle way.

"You wouldn't know there's no ligero in this," said our hero, as he performed a magic trick, making the cigar disappear.

The hand is quicker than the eye.

"That's the 4-6 year old tobacco," Edgar told us. And Giolito choreographs different portions of the leaf, some closer to the stem, others towards the end of the leaf, which makes for the unique blends found in the Illusione cigars. The prizefighter makes sure all rollers are making cigars only to his liking.

It's true! Not only do you get great food and cigars, you can also LEARN things at these cigar dinners. 

If you're interested in whooping it up with us, the next two events will be:

Monday, April 6--Drew Estate

Monday May 4--Tatuaje


*I swear I start these things with the good intention of finishing them that night and being all timely--like back in the days when I was a newspaper reporter: Getting shit done right away. I was much younger and less distracted back then.

**I'm sticking with the present tense. If this bothers you, let me know and I'll get a Sharpie so you can change it.

***Sometimes I can be such a stupid girl.

****It IS Cigar Aficionado, so that's something.
*****Dammit. I want dessert. Why can I never ever get dessert at these damn cigar dinners, regardless of where they are held and by whom. 


  1. The Illusione Fume D'Amour was my #1 Cigar for 2014; simply a magnificent cigar in every respect!


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