Monday, January 19, 2015

Words you should know: Herf or: A grammar lesson

You've seen the word on blogs and event posters, and even on the travel humidor your buddy brings to hang at the lounge.
It sounds like it should be a muppet.
Or a squishy ball. (Shush, you.)
Or something you do after too much drinking.

But it isn't. (Although I wouldn't mind seeing a muppet named Herf, if you must know.)

Aforementioned grammar lesson:

As a collective noun:
A gaggle of geese. [source]
A train of camels. [source]
A murder of crows. [source]
A herf of cigar smokers.
(This is us with some of Valentino's childhood friends
and Island Jim himself at Island Jim's place in Pittsburgh PA.)
So a herf is a gathering of cigar smokers coming together to share airspace.

Unless you want to use it as a verb:

Are you up for herfing this weekend? I just got the new 50th Anniversary Padron. Feel like second-hand smoking it?

Seems a shame to smoke it! But that will happen. Soon.
As an adjective:

I've been at the cigar lounge every night this week. I'm a herfing fool!

As a made-up word:

We're getting psyched for a herfariffic experience at Cigarfest in May.

In multiple ways altogether:

If you're going, let us know and we can herf during the herf, which seems a little meta.

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