Saturday, January 3, 2015

January's Cigar of the Month!! Not JUST a cigar. A BOUNTY of Kristoff cigars and stuff!

CONGRATULATIONS to January's winner!!

First of all, Congratulations to our December winner, @HawaiianMaile <--Hopefully, not the real name! Although who are we to judge? One of us is named after a saint, and the other a TV character, so... yeah. (n.b. It's actually Rhonda Britton. Hi Rhonda!!)

Second of all, so sorry we're soooooo far behind schedule this month--even worse than usual!! I blame the Christmas cookies.


Our super friendly friends at Kristoff have donated alllll this for this month's giveaway:

We know what you're thinking:
Wow! Generous! I've gotta get me some of this!
(Actually, you get all of this--only one winner this month!)

We've chatted a ton about Kristoff lately, and actually have more to tell you, but...oh geez. It's hard to keep up!*

So you get four cigars (at least). These two:

Brittania Reserva and the GC Signature Series
And these two:

Galerones Series and the Corojo Limitada

So here's what we need you to do--one or two or three of the following:**

1. Follow us on twitter! We are @cigargal <--obviously Valentino had no say in the making of that twitter handle. Sometimes we're even funny.

 Be sure to leave your twitter handle in the comments below--otherwise we won't know you're following us to be in the running for the Kristoff loot!

This is us--just so you know you're following the right folks!

2. Like Will the Travelling Owl's Facebook page.

Be sure to tell us your name in the comments below, especially if you post anonymously, so we can be sure you're vying for the loot <--(rhymes with hoot!) and not one of his already awesome friends.

Yep. That's Will. He's checking his Facebook page.
3. Sign up to receive our blog posts right smack dab in your inboxes! The sign-up box is right below the Kristoff picture on the right hand side.

No special directions here--we can consult the list of subscribers!

The winner  is chosen on the 25th (ish) of each month--because my birthday is on the 25th, and what better way to count down to the blessed event than to give something away?

*Valentino gets exasperated with my anti-socialness at the cigar lounge, but writing takes time! Writing is hard and annoying. Writing, by its very nature, is perfect for people who don't like people! To quote Dorothy Parker, my favoritest writer of all time, "I hate writing. I love having written."

**If you do two, you get two chances to win! If you do all three, that's three chances!


  1. I am already a friend of Will and love following his antics! I follow you on twitter @Onebadtt69 and I happily receive your blog right to my email! I hope this all put me in the rrunning to win this great stuff! I have never had a Kristoff and after reading all about them here would love to try one!

  2. @BobeJr Tweeted Followed, and Liked! Never heard of Will the Owl until now! Looks like a real Hoot!

  3. Robert Ritchie

  4. Thanks for the contest and blog..
    @Wm2slc or Lancero Arsonist on Twitter.. Wm2slc on FB
    I also have Vegas Awesome Ash Nights on FB and that Twitter is: @AwesomeAshNight

    1. BILL!!! You're our winner! Email your mailing address to me!!

  5. Mike Cote
    Michael E Cote on FB

  6. I want to partake in the hoot loot!

  7. Martin White @aManRedifined Twitter

  8. Cigar Assessor @cigarassessor twitter.

  9. Greetings Smokie People!

    I'm going to have to throw my hat in the ring for this Kristoff's gear because I missed out on the gear for my all time favorite cigar company (Alec Bradley), and so maybe I'll be lucky when it comes to my second favorite cigar company.

    You'll find that both @BJKizer74 and @ChristMinistNWA are following your every Tweet. That Bryan Kizer is indeed a friend of Will the owl. Finally, you'll notice that is subscribed, and just to be sure I get notified of new posts I'm also going to subscribe from

    I am not only interested in the cigars, but could use some cigar swag as well. I'm most definitely going to #StaySmokie, I love Kristoff's cause of their #LongAshes, and whenever I get the chance to smoke a Kristoff's I #SmokeItLikeItsMyLastOne.

    Blessings & Grace;
    Bryan Kizer

  10. Twitter: @SteveMHayes
    FB: Steve Hayes


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