Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I drew a blank, and then had an epiphany! What to get Holly for her birthday!

As you may remember, I was solely responsible for my own child's corruption, er, leap into the cigar world.

I performed the same service for another person's child: my son's longtime girlfriend.* She fell for the Drew Estate infused cigars when they visited here in August. (Tee hee.) Sorry, not sorry.

For Christmas, we gave her a plethora of Drew Estate ACID dandies. Let me see if I can remember which ones...

Blondies for sure, both sizes (4 x 38 and 5 x 54). I'm a big fan of second-hand smoking these. They're the perfect love child of Bit-O'-Honey candies snogging with Brach's Milk Maid candies.**

Kuba Kuba (5 x 54). This holds a special place in my heart, as my first infused second-hand smoke. Whenever someone mentions any infused cigar, this is where my mind automatically goes. The Drew Estate website says the maduro is a "rich twist on an ACID favorite." And that favorite is delectable, as if you gathered together in one place coffee, hot caramel sauce just as it's made and on the verge of burning but not quite, and a mixture of spices. (The spices scent reminds me of when you open our spice cabinet and all the smells come out together, creating something completely new--so, yeah. Spice.) The poster child for infused cigars, in my mind, anyway.

Toast (6 x 50). I am a big fan of toast--bread in the toaster kind of toast. With butter. And jam. So when someone not too long ago ordered one of these cigars, I briefly dreamt of my favorite midnight snack, Portuguese sweet bread with black cherry jam (jam I made, because I'm that kind of awesome). Know what? I wasn't that far off. Yay me! Now if I could only get Valentino to smoke one at midnight, when I'm craving a snack...***

"It's wafer-thin."****
Wafe (5 x 46). Honestly, I don't know anyone who has smoked these. Let me clarify--I wasn't paying attention if anyone smoked these around me. But! Full disclosure: I like the flat shape. It's cool. Shush. Don't be so judgey. Go take a look. You can't deny its high cool factor.  Famous Smoke says, "It's the savory, sensual aroma of ACID cigars in a thin, wafer-shaped cigar. Prime Nicaraguan tobaccos are meticulously marinated with an ambrosial mix of the finest herbal and botanical essences for a mild and satisfying aromatic smoke." I'm going to need to pick one up so I can see if that's true. ('Cause we're all about truth in reporting here. ::cough cough::)

Nasty (4 x 52). Another I purchased because of the shape--this one (obviously) a short, pyramid-maduro. Rumour has it, chocolate is the key taste here. I guess I'll have to make sure she has one (or ten) next time we see each other. Or I guess I could deem a research project necessary...

And then...
The one non-ACID player in the box, part of the Natural series: Jucy Lucy (3 x 38). I chose these for her because a friend loves them. (Hi, Alexis!) They're another sweetie-pie, with a little caramel, a bit of chocolate... But their tiny size makes me think of those eensy desserts you get at restaurants nowadays.*****  A couple of bites (or puffs) and the darned thing is kaput. Dangit. Waiter! Another please!
As I'm typing this, I'm wondering what to get her for her birthday. Der.

*As I can barely remember how old he is, there's no way on God's green Earth I'm going to be able to figure out how long they've been together.

**I rarely see either of these candies anymore. Is there an entire generation or two who have never had those stuck in the backs of their teeth while they listen to their Nana tell stories? That seems really sad.

***He's sound asleep as I type this. Damned steroid treatments. I want to wake him up to play with me! Wheee! It's 1:25 am! Going to make some regular toast, I guess.

****A million bonus points if you get the reference.

*****HATE these. Get me a damned piece of cake. Or pie. Or anything not made for a paper doll.

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