Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Tale of Two Cigar Shops/Lounges, Part the First and a half*

Of course we couldn't leave Broadway Cigars empty-handed--even though we really weren't anyway, since we'd purchased dinner tickets.

So in order to fill a metaphoric hole** in our humidor, we picked up these:

You've probably somewhere along the line seen these 7 x 70s and their partners in your local shops and online:
[source--although it's kind of obvious]

From the CAO website: "Inspired by hot rods and pin-up girls, CAO Flathead is a box pressed collection that hits on all cylinders. Hand-shaped to deliver a striking flat top, the cigar features a brawny Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a blend that’s heavy on Nicaraguan leaf. Its frontmarks are named for engine parts, but the tribute to muscle cars doesn’t end there. Flathead gives a nod to the muscle car engine, with a lid that’s easily removed and used as wall art. There’s also a collectible, pin-up girl flysheet that’s enclosed in the box."

I'd sent a set to my boy some time ago when these folks had a special. (He lives in West Virginia and awesome premium cigar shops are few and far-between in the land of camouflage.) He loved them all, and I guess that means I should send more, although after this Christmas, his humidor is pretty darned full. Let me know when you have room!

While this size isn't a go-to for Valentino, the bounty of Nicaraguan filler makes it a winner!

So this was the complete haul for the day--quite small for us, if I do say so--although we'd vowed not to purchase anything, so...

To find out The Rest of the Story,*** you should go here for part two. (And here for the first part, in case you have amnesia.)

Check out Parts the First and Second of this blog post!

* Shush you. I had already committed Part the Second to another post, when I realized another part lurked in the middle, and really shouldn't be told out of turn. So I mathed it and made this 1.5.

**Because the thing is jam-packed and there is barely room for anything else.

***I miss Paul Harvey. Good DAY!

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