Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Tale of Two Cigar Shops/Lounges, Part the Second (but about Nos. 4 and 5) (Numbers are confusing.)

When we last left you, we'd visited Broadway Cigars and kept Will from licking the cigars. Check out Part the First and Part the First and a Half.

Then we hopped in the car and headed to a place we'd been meaning to go for ages: The Humidor in Cranston, RI. As you may remember, we visited their East Greenwich shop not too long ago.

The Cranston store is their flagship and, while not as big as our earlier jaunt destination, man oh man do they have a ton of cool stuff! In fact, we had a really hard time deciding what to get. Apprently, for the fiscally responsible (Valentino), "Let's get all the things!" is not a reasonable alternative.

But first! We want to tell you this interesting fact: The Humidor was one of Drew Estate's first five accounts and the first in New England.

Now I wish I could say, for continuity's sake, that we bought a ton of Drew Estate cigars, but we already have a ton ton ton in the humidor, so we went in a different direction and got these:

I know!
We've been looking for the My Father Cigars lancero, also known as the My Father No. 4, for just ages! And here they were! We suspect we're going to love them, and when we got home, we were all d'oh! Why did we only get one of the 7 1/2 x 38 cigars, with their Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrappers and Nicaraguan binders and fillers? We never do that! We always get at least two, usually three--one to smoke right away, one for the humidor, and one for a second smoke. The humidor looked angry* when we only fed one of these lovelies into its maw.

We'll tell you more when we set it on fire, which will probably happen soon-ish.

Then! the lovely Jana, owner extraordinaire, brought this box from the back room:
...and Will jumped right in. Sigh.
This lovely box is half-filled with the Fuente Fuente Opus X (FFOX) Perfecxion No. 5, which may seem owl-sized at 40 x 4 7/8, but we triple-dog-dared him to light one up. We stared him down--or tried to but were seriously losing--so we walked away and passive-aggressively said, "You do what you want." 

We should probably tell Will that our friends at Famous Smoke** say the "cigars are stunning little fireplugs handcrafted by Carlito Fuente's most talented rollers using vintage, all-Dominican, Cuban-seed fillers capped in mouthwateringly oily wrappers. The smoke is full-bodied, heady and spicy, laced with a deep dark tobacco flavors." Yeah, we should probably tell him.

This is another instance where we say, "What were we thinking? Why didn't we just grab the box and run?"***

Jana, we're going to be back soon, because we really should hav ebought all the things. Is there an opposite of "buyer's remorse"? Like, "Didn't buy it remorse"? Because if that's a thing, we have it. Big time.

*It truly is a living beast, with wants and needs that must be fulfilled.  And you should never, ever feed it after midnight.

**Of course, our friends at Famous Smoke also say "Hahaha, good luck finding these!"

***Probably because we aren't really runners. Plus, we're pretty law-abiding and we'd feel really badly before we ever reached the car. Plus plus, Jana is wicked nice.

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