Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lord of the Rings, Part the third: You can be jealous now.

n.b.: This post has no sparkles, for the subject itself is very sparkly.
Remember in October when this happened? This lovely necklace made of Argentinian silver, gold, and rubies? This gorgeous piece of work designed and created by our friend Hamo, he of Design by Hamo? And just for me? Remember all that?

This is so gorgeous, both here and in person!
Well, for my surprise birthday party--that I had no idea was in the works because Valentino is one sneaky bugger--he (Valentino) asked Hamo to design a matching pair of earrings: 

Be jealous. Be very jealous.
But not for long because you can get your very own--
and with your choice of metals and gems!!
I feel so so SO honored that these are the first of their kind. He invented them just for me!!

They certainly won't be the last of their kind! I am encouraging you to buy some for yourself or your favorite lady because as pretty as they are here? They are one zillion percent better in person. Maybe even a kabillion percent--if kabillion is more than zillion; math is hard. 

OOOOh. Purty...

While you're at work right now, sliding through the Internet because...Tuesday is Monday redux...check out his website. Be warned: You're going to want tons of things, so make sure you don't get fired for Internet surfing. You're going to need your salary so Hamo can create many shiny things for you and your friends. 
As an aside, Valentine's (I almost wrote Valentino's) Day is right around the corner! Start shopping now! And start right here!

And don't go thinking, I'm a manly dude.  I don't need any earrings or necklace--at least not currently. Or you're thinking, I want to purchase something for my best guy. That's okay! Hamo can help!  He has amazing stuff for the gentlemen as well. Remember Valentino's ring?

The ring that started it all for us.

Yep.  that's by Hamo. 

He also has cigar bands. And money clips. And cuff links. And bracelets. Manly bracelets. And even some cool stuff with skulls smoking cigars so good they're a little bit scary--but probably not for you because you are so very, very strong and unscared of everything, like Valentino. 
Scary!!! (But not to you!)
Of course, Hamo's website conveys this information way better than I can. "Today, Design By Hamo has blossomed into a full line of men's and women's cigar-themed rings, cuff links, pendants and accessories with many various stone and metals including ruby, emerald, gold, silver and more."
"Jewelry is my love. Cigars are my passion," he said. And this shows in the high quality of his work. How high quality? Valentino wears the ring on the same hand as his Rolex. They look like high-quality kissing cousins. Yep. That good.

What's that? You l
ike those earrings but wish they had emeralds instead of rubies? He will make them for you! Love the ring but would want it with rubies and no gold? He can make it for you! If you meet with him for a consultation, together you can create the jewelry pieces that are perfect for you (or your super-lucky friend).
And guess what!!!  The shopping perfect storm is about to happen, starting in 3...2...NOW!
1. Because you are all my BFFs,
2. Because Hamo is so nice,
3. Because if you're a BFF of ours
(Valentino and me and the blog, which is a thing in and of itself),
you're a BFF of Hamo's

Hamo will give you a10% discount on your purchases! All you have to do is say you heard about his awesomeness through our super delicious blog. (You don't have to say it that way; just convey the message in a way you're comfortable.) But definitely mention us!
Don't tell Valentino, but maybe I have a little secret purchase I'll probably make in the near future--for him, of course!
In the meantime, I'm going to go put these earrings back on and gaze lovingly at them. In fact, I'm surprised I've gotten through the whole blog post without going upstairs to check on them!
Although I did look at this picture about a hundred times!
So thank you, Hamo, for creating these works of art for me, and thank you, Valentino, for making this the best birthday ever!

They imported my son from West Virginia! Most awesome thing ever!
Once more--just because!


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