Friday, October 31, 2014

Yes! I have been remiss. Or: Lord of the Rings, part the second

This happened: 

Yes to all your questions. 

Yes Hamo, who made Valentino's ring, created this for me. He gave it to me and then we ran ran ran to Miami for a thousand million pounds of festivities and and fun fun and more fun. So I owe a about uppity gajillion blog posts from that, plus other ones plus...gah!!

Remember Valentino's ring? With the sapphires and diamonds?

Mine has rubies to match my totally-natural red hair!

Yes, there's a funny story. There's always a funny story with us!!

At one of the super awesome parties, a super nice lady (Hi Menrry!) complimented Valentino's ring. Her husband (Hi Eloy!) said, "Wait! I have a picture of a necklace like that!" And then he pulled up this picture:

"Hold on a minute," Valentino said* and came over to where I was hanging with some awesome LOLAs.** He grabbed my hand and we ran across the party like we were in an '80s Brat Pack movie. 

We skidded back to his original position and he pointed to my necklace. "This one?" he asked. 

They laughed politely. I may or may not have 1. Snorted 2. Screamed 3. Both.*** you know. Because I'm a classy broad. You can take the girl out of New England...

Yes, We sent them in Hamo's direction and you should head there too! 

Yes, it is perfect and wonderful and I get zillions of compliments on it.****

Yes, you should get one--a ring, a necklace, a moneyclip (which Valentino will be getting soon) or something else! 

So yes, you should call Hamo at 339-222-6100 and let him design the perfect piece for you!!

No, he didn't ask me to write another blog post about him!! Want to know more? Check out the October 16 blog post for all the deets about him and his amazingness!

One more picture, just because I can. 

*We're going with the omniscient narrator  for this story. Accept it with willing suspension of disbelief. 

**Ladies of the Leaf. Hi Kimberly! Hi Tee! Hi Tee! <--another funny story, and some of the nicest people ever. 

***If you guessed #3, you get a prize. 

****Of course, much to Valentino's chagrin, I don't revel in talking to strangers or attention that I don't seek out, so I guess this necklace is my arch-nemesis because it makes those things happen. But it is so pretty that I will forgive it all its sins. I'm pretty sure Valentino feels the same way. Hope so, anyway!!

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