Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sobremesa! And Valentino's new mistresses!!

We've told you about our love for this Steve Saka sensation.

While we're at our inaugural outing at Vintage Cigar Lounge and Club in Westerly, RI, Steve just happens to be here. (Full disclosure: We were coming anyway but knowing he would be here made us do the Saka Samba of Delight. 

This cigar is one of Valentino's all-time favorites.
And this, translated to "my mistress," is Steve's most recent release, well-deserving every ounce of delighted hullabaloo surrounding it. Try it; you'll like it!

Of course Valentino purchased a box of Sobremesas.* Of course we asked Steve to sign it in the only proper way: 

Vintage Cigar has a full complement of sizes (vitolas) of both Saka Selections. Make the drive. Come and get them!! 

*I've in the past couple of days purchased a box of the mistress, because I'm an awesome girlfriend. 

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