Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day...One? .5? At IPCPR

Valentino and I spent yesterday doing the most outrageous thing...carrying heavyish things and working--like, manual labor working. 

You know ordinarily, I'd do no such things because I'm a delicate flower. But our pl Jim Robinson, he of Leaf by Oscar, among other awesome cigars, corralled us into helping. (By "corralled," I mean we offered to help.)

Once we got everything into the convention center, we worked some magic and voila! 

I happen to know there's a cool cigar coming from this booth tomorrow. Stay tuned until then, when we lay out hands on them!!

(In case you're wondering, Island Jim thanked us with adult beverages all night. Had I known THAT was the payment for similar tasks, I'd have started carrying things a long time ago!)

PS: I'm blogging from my phone, so please excuse any errors and weed formatting things until I get to a real computer! 

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  1. you and Valentino did an awesome job at helping set-up the booth! i've yet to smoke a cigar blend from Jim Robinson. a supply of adult beverages as a "thank you" is not too shabby! cheers!


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