Friday, April 17, 2015

King of Kings (and lord of lords)*

We've been seeing these beauties for a couple of months and wondering how in the heck we were going to lay our hands--and mouths--on some.  And then the mighty mighty internets came to the rescue.

Twitter BFF** offered us up some and you know we love to try new things.***

After letting them rest for as little time as possible, we couldn't wait anymore and this happened...

The Kings Arapiraca 

Poor Valentino. He doesn't spend nearly enough time on Twitter.**** So he hadn't heard of the Kings Arapiraca or Kings Cigars, which are "guaranteed to be flawless, from the cutting of the cap to your final draw. Our cigars are manufactured in our factories in the Dominican Republic in the Yaque Valley near Santiago and in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua." [source]

When he first lit this King of Kings, with a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, Ecuadorian Habano binder, and Dominican Republic filler, he said, "This reminds me of unsweetened iced tea." And yes, it actually tasted that way for me as well, in all my second-hand smoking glory.

Our pals at said in their review, "Personally, I had no preconceived notions about what the cigar would be like. Pre-light aromas were very nice, draw darn near perfect, excellent construction. Even burn with the slight shoulder at the edge of the ash that speaks of aged tobacco. I got black tea flavors, along with dark caramel/molasses flavors without any cloying sweetness, rich earthiness and slightly woody essences. Flavor and body consistent, deepening and shifting as the smoke progressed. I had it pegged as high-quality Nicaraguan leaf, so I missed that. This has to be one of the nicest Dominican-filler cigars I’ve ever had." 

The Kings website touts the cigar as "[m]edium to full-bodied...crafted for a rich taste that is smooth and  unique with a little bit of spice that enhances the robust flavors and awakens your palate.

"Made with the highly coveted Brazilian flavorful Arapiraca leaf, which is grown in central/eastern Brazil. It is often referred to as a Brazilian Maduro, although a bit less sweet and a little more light and earthy than a 'standard Maduro.'”

If you're all about the twitter, like one of us is, you can follow Kings Cigars. Follow as in Twitter-follow, not stalker-follow.

If you'd like to try the Kings Cigars, you can order this sampler on their website:
Kings Cigars Assorted Sampler
Baron Robusto 5 x 52
Conde Robusto 5 x 52
King of Kings 6 x 64 Soft Press
Kings Gran Torpedo 6 5/8 x 60
Conde Churchill 7 x 52

And you definitely should! Get one! Try them out! Let us know what you think! Or just leave us a comment to say "Hello!"

*You're welcome for the earworm.

**You can also find them here:

***If you didn't know, we love trying new things, cigars specifically, in this context. Hi, Mom!

****He disagrees and says he spends just the right amount of time--none.

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