Thursday, April 7, 2016

When it's gone, it's gone. Also, when you're done with it, it's gone.

And when it's done, it's done.

We were who-knows-where the other day and a new smoker asked, "How much should I smoke?"

"All the time," we answered. (You're welcome, brand and shop owners.)

"No," he said, holding up the cigar for emphasis. "How far down should I smoke?" of life's great questions, comparable to "Band on or off while you smoke?" and "Cello on or off when storing them?"

I've read and/or heard to smoke it:
  • to the halfway mark
  • to the band
  • until your fingers burn 
  • until there's absolutely nothing left except burnt fingers and memories of emergency room visits
Stopping this one halfway
would have been a crime against nature.

One website stated, "Allow the cigar to die a dignified death; after it's smoked halfway, it will go out on its own." It commits suicide like a 1920s B-movie ingenue? I just can't bear to go on...

My head tilts like a confused puppy.

What did I just hear?
I paid $10/$15/$30/in some cases $100 for a cigar and I'm supposed to throw away half of it?

Valentino and the $100 smoke.
Even if he hadn't smoked it down to the nubbin',
I'd have demanded it.

Yes, a cigar may get stronger as you smoke it. And some will become harsh. But many won't. Some get better. Some are so fucking good you don't ever want to stop smoking them.

The same article states, "A cigar is not meant to be smoked down to the foot and the shorter you allow it to go the harsher the smoke will become" [sic].


But...but... The foot is the part you light!

What have we learned from this?

  1. Just because it's on the  mighty, mighty internets doesn't mean it's true.*
  2. A good majority of people in the lounge and on the internets will tell you the "right" way. While guidelines exist for propriety's sake, even those will vary from community to community, so hearken back to the basic rules of manners, all of which boil down to Treat others the way you want to be treated.
So how much of your cigar should you smoke?

Smoke the damn thing until it isn't pleasurable anymore--maybe it gets harsh or you're bored with the flavor profile. If it's so damn good you don't want to let it go, keep smoking. Just keep in mind: when in polite company, please don't pull out your high school roach clip; if you're alone, and the cigar continues to rock your world, go for it. (Just be sure to hide it again when you're done.)

*You're probably expecting me to tell you next that there's no Santa Claus. I would never tell you that. My very very wise mom says the more you believe, the more you get. I REALLY, REALLY believe.

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