Sunday, November 2, 2014

As we say here in Massachusetts: Winnah! or: This post brought to you by Benadryl

I have been very itchy lately, as I am allergic to...something. Could it be work? Ummm...maybe? Anyway, I get through the day thanks to Benadryl. You need to know all that in order for the rest of this silliness to make sense.

Hello, friend

I printed out all the names of folks who entered the October cigar giveaway and was going over to the drawer to get the scissors* to make little strips and put them in a vessel of some sort and get Valentino to pick one. I put the paper down in order to freshen up the Benadryl level in my system. While attempting to pop that little pink bitch out of the hermetically-sealed packaging, it fell out and bounced a few times on the paper, ultimately landing smack dab on one person's name.

Look, I know a sign when I see one. And this was a sign, the little bouncing neon pink pill.

And so, by the Order of Benadryl, the winner of the J Grotto Anniversary cigars is...

Nina Mako!!

Usually, the winners receive cigars stolen directly from the 2,000-count humidor here at Casa Awesome.** BUT! The super kind folks at Mr. J's Havana Shop gave us the cigars to give our winner! Thank you thank you thank you!! So Nina will receive two of these, although I can't remember which two... It'll be a surprise!! For both of us!!

Huzzah! Yay! Wahoo!!!!

What's the Cigar of the Month for November?  Howzabout a couple of these?

Yeah, baby!

*We are very organized here at Casa Awesome and the scissors are always ALWAYS in exactly the same place.

**You might be thinking, Well Valentino would never even know they're missing if you have that many!  You'd be very wrong. He knows what's in there and, if you must know, each cigar is lovingly placed "just so"... so he'd know. 

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