Thursday, February 26, 2015

We want you to be a twit(terer) with us!

Did you know we're on Twitter? We're totally on Twitter. You should follow us: @cigargal.  And by us, I mean me. Valentino technically is the face of the blog and the Twitter account, but I am the girl behind the curtain. I'm the Great and Powerful Oz to his Emerald City.

The other day, as I was RESEARCHING...something...and accidentally wound up on Twitter in the search for...something researchy, I came across a really cool picture:

I asked if I could share it with you all, and Tony Rubio (@ThCigarBrothers) said, Sure! (By the way, you should check out his superfun website here.)

So...enjoy! And if you're interested in sharing photos or funny stories or whatever, please contact us (me) at!

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