Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Words you should know: Box-pressed or: Pretty shoes or: You're welcome on so many levels

Heh heh. You said "box."*

Valentino prefers order over chaos, balanced rather than asymmetrical, following recipes rather than winging it.  You get the picture.

Now picture the complete opposite. That's me, a swirl of off-balanced chaos who thinks recipes are mere suggestions.

And yes, box-pressed cigars make me swoon. (Probably like Valentino does, with all his order...)

Here's the dealio: Imagine you're squished into a space for months on end. Eventually, you're going to take the shape of the space--kind of like super uncomfortable shoes you keep wearing because they're so darned cute.
Like these gorgeous and very sparkly shoes, which I want very much,
although I have nothing to wear them with. [source]

Rumor** has it, the idea of the box-pressed cigar came from trying to squeeze as many cigars into a box as possible and has the added benefit of keeping the little buggers from rolling off the table. Or the other way around. The source that shall not be named has had one too many shots of Patron anejo to be considered reliable.

Just TRY and roll off the table! I dare you.
(Apologies to Robert Conrad.)
And because the leaves are all squished tightly together, the cigar will burn more slowly. Valentino wants me to point out that if you're in a rush, go for the round cigars--even if they're about the same size. I'm nodding in agreement because the other night, we stayed way later at Habanos (our home away from home) than we initially intended. He wasn't thinking about the time discrepancy when he lit up the Alec Bradley Diamond Rough Cut.

Here is the joy of this particular box-pressed cigar--no regular squared-offness for these folks. Oh no! They've been smushed into (just as the name implies) diamond-shaped cigars.*** And by smushed, we actually mean...

Well, you should check out Cigar Aficionado: "According to Sam Phillips, vice president of marketing for Alec Bradley, the inspiration for the cigar's diamond shape came from the rollers at Plasencia Cigars, the factory in Nicaragua where Diamond [is] produced. Factory workers there apply a rolling technique known as the "accordion method" where each leaf is folded in a wavy pattern, in a shape reminiscent of an accordion. Or, to brand owner Alan Rubin and his right-hand man Ralph Montero, a diamond."

Seeee? (Sorry for the lousy picture.
I didn't want to bother Valentino,
who is watching the University of Kentucky
basketball game. Go sports team!
A line extension of the Nica Puro,**** the Diamond Rough Cut has an extra leaf, according to our friendly, neighborhood Alec Bradley representative Drinnan Thornton. He also reminded me the 6 1/2 x 52 box press is a limited edition, which means you'd better run out and get some before they're all gone.  Pinky swear you won't be disappointed with the rich flavor AND you'll get a fantastic box to keep your treasures in. Or, you know, your blog mascot:

Will practicing his George Costanza.
You're welcome [source]


*You: What are you, seven?
Us: (sheepishly) Maybe.

**We can't tell you our sources--because if they're wrong, they don't want to be identified.

***This is the point where a lesser writer would allude (or shout) the adage that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." But we shan't go there, even though I'd be more than happy to show you more sparkly shoes:
****Which means it's purely Nicaraguan--wrapper, binder, and filler are from Nicaragua. The wrapper is Nicaraguan Habano, for a bit of extra kick.

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