Sunday, September 28, 2014

October's Cigar of the Month: J Grotto Anniversary!!

What belongs in this box? you ask?

A secret we have been keeping for months. MONTHS I tell you. Our friend Paul Joyle, yes, he of the Silk Lancero, launched his newest line and waaaahoooooo! You are going to love it!

Ooooh. Pretty. And delicious.

More to come! We pinky swear! The more to come is here!!!

But right now, we're heading out to a cigar cruise, which is going to be wicked awesome! (And not just because it's in Boston Harbor!)

How to win the Cigar of the Month:

Comment on this post to be entered to win.  (Be sure to leave your email address so we can get in touch with you!) Want a second chance? Subscribe to our blog posts by email--over there on the right side of the blog.

The winner will be chosen on the 25th of each month--because my birthday is on the 25th (of December; be sure to mark your calendars), and what better way to count down to the blessed event than to give something away?

So! Comment below. Wheeeee!


  1. Really a fantastic cigar - Paul makes some great stuff!

  2. Definitely on my "must-try" list!

  3. Definitely want to try this one, looks good

  4. Very interesting!

  5. Would love to try one :) chastity

  6. LOLA CANDY!!!!


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