Sunday, September 28, 2014

September's Winner!! Wahooo!

Before we get into the October Cigar of the Month, let's stop and say congratulations to our winners from the September festivities.

I printed out all the names of the folks who commented on the September post and the blog email subscribers. I said to Valentino, "Pick a number between one and a lot."

He said a number that would require me to actually work at counting, but you know I am willing to suffer for you folks, so I did it. I counted.

Me counting. [source]

And the winner is...Marc LeBlanc from Chicago!! (Hi, Marc!) Wooooohooooo! This makes me happy for two reasons: 1. I like giving Valentino's stuff away and 2. I went to college (Southeastern Massachusetts University, back when that was a thing) with Marc way back in the day!

Then I started to feel guilty, like you guys would think the whole thing was rigged, which it totally wasn't, so I told Valentino to pick another number. He did.

Yes, I make this face. Be quiet. Math is hard.

So our second winner is... Matt Rosenthal! (Hi, Matt!)

Both kind gentlemen will get at least one of these and maybe (probably) (definitely) other cigary things.
One cigar. Not one box. I'm an instructor at state colleges, for heaven's sake.

Want to know what's up next? For October? We'll post all the deets soon, but for now...this is a pretty good hint:
Yep! The brand-spankin' new J Grotto Anniversary Series! [source]

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