Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Three Wise Men or: Corruption of my own child, part the third

During my son's visit to the homeland in August, we made it our goal to drag his butt to the places we love. Naturally, that meant a trip to Broadway Cigars. You already know how much we lurrrrrve Bobby and John and JV and the rest of the gang. They've made us feel welcome and at home from the very first time we went there and swiped up all of their Mysteriosos (Mysteriosi?).

The three of us soaked up the humidor's ambiance for way too long, looking for the perfect cigars for that perfect day.* We chose one for Sean, who, as you may remember, is in the early throes of cigar lovin'. But when we came out, Bobby said, "Would you mind if I switch that out for you?" And he produced this for our novice:

You know we love all things Alec Bradley, including Drinnan!!

According to CI, "The [Alec Bradley] Connecticut boasts an array of big-time flavors, all while remaining pleasant and tame in body. Dressed in a seamless Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper, and chock full of Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers, Connecticut produces a highly satisfying mild to medium-bodied experience. Plumes of creamy and cool smoke coat the palate as notes of cedar, nuts, and toast enter the fray before ​a slightly sweet finish. It's a lot like a light beer that tastes really damn good."
Sean loved its creaminess with a bit of pepper in the background, which got a little stronger as he continued to smoke.  It proved the perfect cigar for our afternoon of hanging with family and friends. 

Hello, old friend!

Valentino went for a San Lotano, already an established favorite. According to the San Lotano website, "The San Lotano Habano by AJ Fernandez is specially blended for the full-bodied cigar fan. By using only premier fillers fermented to perfection, the Habano is strong yet perfectly balanced with a rich and robust flavor leading to a long and memorable finish. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Habano blend is its rare Cuban seed and ligero wrapper grown only in Brazil by the Fuego family. Containing extremely limited Cuban seed only offered to two factories in Central America, including Tabacalera Fernandez, the Habano is truly an exceptional experience."

This fave started out with rich, cooked sugar and chocolate deliciousness as he lit up.  The sweetness intensified as he smoked on, as did the original hint of coffee. I hate the taste of coffee, but man, oh, man do I love the smell. 

This cigar is one that when he's wondering what to smoke, I say, "Well, how about a San Lotano...?"

Hello, new friend!
Bobby, who, keep in mind can smoke anything he wants, chose the Oliva Serie V lancero (7 x 38), "a complex blend of Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. Blended with specially fermented Jalapa Valley ligero, and finished with a high priming Habano Sun Grown Wrapper."

According to the Oliva website, "This cigar is blended to deliver full body taste while maintaining an unparalleled smoothness. This flavorful blend exhibits complex tobacco with rich coffee and dark chocolate tones. A subtle and well balanced spice is present throughout."

About this cigar, Stogie Guys say, "The flavor of the Lancero, even at the outset, is strong. Not the full-bodied blast of pepper strong that’s common these days. But rather an intense nicotine strong coupled with an old-school taste of warm tobacco." Valentino should never ever ever have this cigar. Anything with really strong nicotine makes his head explode, and I've grown rather fond of that noggin.

Stogie Guys continue, "In addition to nicotine strength and warm tobacco, the Serie V Lancero displays flavors of cocoa, leather, espresso, earth, and a touch of toffee sweetness. It also exhibits good construction, including a reliable draw and a straight burn, albeit with a gray ash that tends to fall off a bit prematurely."

The three of us loved hanging out there--and we might even STILL be there, except a certain someone** was getting the hungry headache and was starting to make the hungry headache face, which is a clear sign that if she doesn't get food in her maw soon,*** people should take cover.

*If it weren't so humid,**** I would live in a humidor.

**I can neither confirm nor deny that it was me, but I will say that it was the one other person sitting on the cozy orange couch with the three wise men.

***We wound up at Caserta Pizza, which we love for all its quirkiness.

****Shut up.

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