Friday, July 25, 2014

LFD Mysterioso: Ask and ye shall receive (with a valid credit card)

You can get anything on the mighty mighty internets (except that La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli).*

As you may remember, I fell in love with these:

The La Flor Dominicana 7 x 55 perfecto is about as lovely as a cigar can get, with its Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro & Ecuadoran Connecticut (for the accents) wrapper. Created for the 2013 holiday season, the collectors edition popped onto my radar almost too late.  Almost, because I scored and ha ha ha yay!

I searched the internets long and far and wide and deep. Nothing. Just a lot of "Sold out" messages.  I had the sad. Then on facebook Saturday evening Broadway Cigars in Providence, RI said they had some, but customers were limited to two each. I figured I could run in and out of the store, purchasing two each time. (Of course I would be sure to change my disguise, like a kid anxious for the most candy on Halloween.)

All Sunday, while I sanded furniture, I kept thinking "I've got to get to Broadway!" even more desperately than an aging actor dreaming of The Great White Way. So Monday morning, bright and early (for me) we went! Huzzah!

I've only been to Broadway Cigars once before. That time, while Valentino and our friend Rob chatted with some guys watching a football game, I discussed one of my favorite plays, A Doll's House, with one of the smokers preparing for a lit class exam. I love the diversity of folks you find in a cigar lounge.

This time, we spent a bunch of time chatting with Brenda, who knows as much, if not more, about cigars and the cigar business as anyone I've ever met--from rep to journalist.  If I owned a cigar shop or lounge, I'd steal her away from Broadway in a nanosecond. True story.

Luckily, she didn't make us run in and out of the store, doing quick changes.  We made off with the last seven Mysterioso barberpoles (one box of five and two loose sticks) with one swipe of the credit card.

I own you now! (Gosh, aren't they gorgeous?)
Of course, all this was done with a plan. The two caballeros had a date at Habanos lounge that night for some serious debauchery. Well, as much as one can be while drinking high-end liquor and chatting with friends. So, yeah.

I'm terrible at keeping secrets, so the minute the second caballero came in, I got antsy and handed him one of the Mysteriosos (Mysteriosoii? Mysteriosoes?). Valentino and I thought it would be fun for the two of them to try the cigar together. Naturally, I had to be there in order to participate in my own special way--flirting and second-hand smoking.

There are no words...
How is it possible this much awesome can fit into one picture frame?
I have to admit, I did hold my breath when they each cut the cap.  It was so gorgeous!  Don't destroy it! But then we moved on to the next round of gorgeousness. Once the foot was toasted and they respectively began the experience, one of the fine gentlemen said, "One of the best smokes I've had in a long time." The other agreed.  Me too! (Well, you know what I mean.) As in the past, I sat between them so I could have a full assault of delicious. The smell of coffee and a little bit of citrus milled about in the air.  As I continue to learn about cigars, I'm distinguishing the different notes as it burns. Of course, then I go and research other reviews, to see if I'm even close.  Once again, not only was I close, I hit the bullseye! Check out Cigar Coop's review!

You can tell they want to get back to smoking more than anything.

Because they only come five in a box (and, in case you didn't know, the box costs many, many dollars--between 85-95 smackaroos), we figured this would be a cigar that would be rationed more than Spam during a war, especially since we only had five left! Five cigars, not five cans of Spam.** And the internets were not helping me find them...until!! Until!! I scored a couple boxes from Corona Cigars.  Wahoo! Have I mentioned how much I love the mighty, mighty internets?

*Case in point: That's where I got Valentino! (For only the cost of one month of!)

**I suddenly have a hankering for pan-fried Spam. Yummmm.  (Pardon me while my white trash is showing.)

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