Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Two Caballeros: The second adventure (Part the second)

Remember this? Well, the adventure continues...

After our jaunt around the mean streets of Federal Hill, the four of us headed to Hanley's Ale House in Providence to visit our pal and all-around good guy Jake Healey, the cigar bar's humidor manager.

It's Jake. Jake from Ale House.
Valentino decided to give the Liga Privada T52 One. More. Chance. We were hoping it somehow loosened up as we drove a couple miles. Or maybe the port he was drinking would help.  No and no.
I begged him to let it go. Give up. Folding his T52 hand would not lessen his manhood.
::shakes head::
Then he went for the (new) old standby, the Nica Rustica, which made everyone happier. Have we chatted about this Nica before? According to the Drew Estate website, "Nica Rustica is a medium to full strength cigar that is blended to showcase native Nicaraguan tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa. Aficionados will enjoy this rustic smoke that is robust and deeply satisfying. Genuine Connecticut Broadleaf encases Nica Rustica and imparts a subtle natural tobacco sweetness and spice."
Not taken at Hanley's Ale house, but rather on our back porch.
Look, Mom! The flowers you gave me on Mother's Day are not only alive, but thriving!
(Obviously, I had nothing to do with their success.)
I have to admit that one of the reasons I like this medium-full cigar, since I tend to lean in the mild-medium direction, is that it's extra smoky, deemed by its makers as "potent, robust, and fulfilling,"* which means I'm getting more bang for his buck.
Doc, aka Cabellero the Second, lit up a La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli, a dark, rich, spicy, full-flavored cigar.  I wasn't sitting close enough to him to get the full-force of the literal smoke, but I certainly wouldn't kick it out of bed for smoking. I guess that metaphor doesn't work when you're speaking of things that actually smoke.  Sigh.  Pardon my cliché.
According to the company,
"Each of Serie R Estelí’s three sizes was designed for maximum flavor,
making it a bold collection that fans of robust cigars will fall in love with."
Yes, I am looking to find my way around a few more of these...
According to Cigar World, "Serie R Esteli consists of large ring, full-flavored Nicaraguan puros blended with ligeros and visos from multiple farms throughout the country, including those from Jalapa. Serie R Esteli is handcrafted in Nicaragua and exhibits the complexity of optimally-aged Nicaraguan tobacco, through its thick, oily Jalapa Sol wrapper."  Apparently, if you want these, you're going to get out of the man cave (or lady cave) and go to an actual store. They aren't available on the mighty, mighty internets. (I know! That's, like, the only thing you can't get online!)
Oh, for crap's sake. In the process of researching this cigar, I obviously happened upon the company's website. I clicked the link to the La Gloria Society.  I love an elite group as much as, if not more than,  the average person. (Probably more. I have illusions of grandeur.) And who is already a member? One of six? Yeah this caballero right here on the left.  I should have known.
Here they are, in their natural element. Wearing similar outfits.
I swear they share a brain.

The moral of the story? Listening to Cartman sing "Come Sail Away" makes a person happy. Do it now. You'll be glad you did.  Except that wasn't my point. Valentino gets so frustrated at me because I can't remember what I was about to say most of the time if I'm interrupted but I can remember what I wore to dinner at Myrtle's Turtle restaurant when I was ten or so. (A tank top with turtles on it, obvs.)
I remember! Go to Hanley's Ale House! You'll love it! Say "Hi!" to Jake!  Tell him we sent you! (It won't get you anything, but it's a nice gesture!)
If you've made it this far, thank you.  You deserve a prize! Don't forget to sign up for the drawing for a Nica or two! Only two days left!!

*Which is also how he would describe a good rib-eye steak

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