Friday, July 11, 2014

A Special Federal Hill Second-hand Smoke

On Wednesday, I didn't feel like cooking.* My first thought of the day (not kidding)  was, "Yikes! I have a groupon that's going to expire soon! We need to go to Caffe Dolce Vita [on Federal Hill in Providence, RI] for lunch." Lunch turned into dinner because:
  • I went back to sanding that darned furniture I'm refinishing.
  • I got a splinter (that remains in my thumb because taking it out would cause more pain than leaving it in).
  • I got distracted by shiny things.
But we finally got there, had delish calamari, eggplant parm, and chicken marsala, along with a nice chat with the owner of Dolce (and a good portion of the businesses on Federal Hill).**  Anyway, blah blah blah...
Let's get to the cigar!!
Hello, my Special friend. At Garibaldi Square on Federal Hill, looking out at La Pigna,
an arch featuring either a pineapple or pinecone, depending on who you ask. 
A while ago, we attended a cigar dinner on Federal Hill, sponsored by one of our favorite hangouts, Habanos Cigar Lounge in Pawtucket, RI, and featured My Father Cigars. (Hi to Jeremy Soares, our MFC go-to guy and New England rep!) (Also, I happen to right this second be wearing a t-shirt I won at the event! Today's story was meant to be!!)
There, in addition to others that were handed out, we received a My Father Cigar "S" Special, which actually can't be purchased singularly (sorry, kids) but is given out at events when a box is purchased. I've heard rumors that it actually can be purchased, but be aware that there are two different versions of this cigar. Read more about it here.
The 50 x 5 was released in 2011 and, according to halfwheel, "The My Father S Special seems wonderfully rolled, with a silky smooth medium brown wrapper that has almost the perfect give when squeezed. The wrapper smells wonderful, like a combination of dark chocolate, leather and sweet generic wood."
Here's some info about this Robusto cigar you may find interesting, or that might give you some credibility next time you're hanging out with your cigar-friends (the people, not the cigars themselves, which can also be considered friends).
"My Father cigars were introduced in 2008 by Jaime Garcia, son of the renowned Don Jose Pepin Garcia, at Jaime's My Father factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. These full-bodied cigars contain Nicaraguan longfillers and a hybrid Ecuadorian Habano Rosado/Criollo wrapper," according to the folks at Famous Smoke Shop. They also state, "The smoke's initial crack of pepper rounds out to reveal a complex brew of spice, wood, coffee, and a kiss of caramelized sweetness. If you thought his father made great cigars, wait til you try Jaime's. A must-smoke!"
Apparently, according to the House Specialist (Valentino), it had a really smooth draw. I noticed that sometimes it smelled sweet and sometimes not; the variation may have come from the aroma of delicious foods wafting directly into my nostrils as we passed a multitude of restaurants on our stroll. But he said that yes, the sweetness came and went, along with a toasted and spicy flavor.
As he worked through the final third, he mentioned its increasing strength. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I interpreted his words as, "Wow, I could use some sugar. Let's get gelato from Marissa at Venda Ravioli/Costantino's!!"
*Hahaha. I never feel like cooking.  In fact, I can't cook.  Well, I can but it really isn't very good ever. Except the shepherd's pie. I make a hell of a shepherds pie*** Valentino is the one who keeps us alive and (very) well-fed.
**Valentino actually did this part and I watched from our outdoor table, which made it seem like a mob-movie.  Apparently, secret, confidential documents were discussed, which made me feel very spy-like. Hmmm...I think I could use that in the mystery novel I'm writing when I'm not doing this. Or procrastinating.
***Valentino has pointed out, through his gagging noises from across the room, that he does not care for the shepherd's pie.

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