Thursday, July 31, 2014

In Search of...The Perfect Humidor

With apologies in advance to Leonard Nimoy, host of the show I watched regularly from 1977-1982.*

Is this on Netflix? I suddenly have an urgent need to watch all 144 episodes. [source]

When I first met Valentino, this was his humidor:

That's cute.

For our first Christmas together, I bought him something fancier. I didn't know anything about humidors or cigars, but I liked the way it looked and, um, yeah...this was the result:

Don't worry; we know the analog reading is wrong. There's a digital inside.

This one (above) served a good life, remaining his main squeeze for about three years.

This past Christmas, he opened his gift, which was...

You mean your cruise ship cabin doesn't have two floors? I'm sorry.
Or enough room to run amuck?
Not shown: balcony and two-story windows. And lots more room.

No, not a humidor. A cruise to the Caribbean, which included a port call to Falmouth, Jamaica, where there just happened to be a La Casa del Habano, where there just happened to be authentic Cuban cigars that just happened to be waiting for us (and our American Express card).

The only for-sure place you will be able to buy real Cubans
without the horror of being told they're fake upon your arrival home.

Unfortunately (ha ha) we just happened to get a cigar or ten (ha ha) which just happened to require the purchase of this:

Cubans and fancy-pants favorites only.

So that was cool, right? Until this old gal began to get overloaded

"Remember when I was pretty enough
and young enough to hold your fancy cigars?"
::weeps silently::

So we headed to one of our favorite places, Mr. J's Havana Shop, not really looking for another humidor, but you know how when you're not looking, that's when love finds you... Or you find a humidor. Whatever. Same concept. Yeah. That happened.  Paul Joyle, proprietor and all-around awesome guy produced these two gems, which we snapped up, although we only intended to use this one, the CAO.

"Put me in, coach!"

The other was for decorative purposes only--because it is so cool.

Yes, that is the inaugural cover of Cigar Aficionado made into a humidor by Colibri.
We own #7 of 1,992. Thanks, Paul!

One day not too long ago, I happened upon a sale somewhere--and honestly I don't remember the actual cigars I purchased, but this humidor came with it.  Since you obviously don't want your flavored (you smarty-pants people probably call them infused) cigars mucking up the others, this one made the big league. 
I call this the Sweet Box.**

And then. And THEN! On our way to Pittsburgh, we accidently went 80 miles out of our way and stopped at the Cigars International Hamburg store.


Many bunches of cigars begged us to get them out of there, so we complied. (We're nice like that.) Since Valentino was on his way to play in a superfun golf tournament, we decided he needed this:

Herfador is a very fun word to say.

And then somehow, we managed to go out of our way as we travelled back to Massachusetts and wound up in the Cigars International Bethlehem store. Darn you, GPS and your evil plans!

Mecca's little sister.

This has since been called up to the big leagues:

"I thought I was just for show!"****
"Be quiet and concentrate on staying at 70% humidity."

Here's the deal. We now have seven SEVEN!***** humidors in the living room. (Luckily, we have a giant living room.)

Er, humidor. [source]

So, yeah, we're in the market for a tower, but the perfect one is as elusive as Bigfoot, everything the Bermuda Triangle absorbed, and the Loch Ness Monster--cumulatively. I'm suggesting we just turn one of the many empty bedrooms into a walk-in humidor. But that's just me being crayyyyyyyzeeee.

I could live in there. Although my hair would be crazy. But still... [source]

I want to talk lots and lots more about humidors and humidification, but I know you're only here for the pictures.

*Why did I watch this? I am afraid of my own shadow on a good day! I keep my phone ringer off because it makes me jump in surprise when it goes off! Who thought me watching this was a good idea??

**Do with this what you will.***  I'll wait.


****I say the same thing when Valentino asks me to clean something.


Yes, they are all real. We even checked the serial numbers.

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