Friday, July 18, 2014

Because Chocolate Cake..and Spice..and Supper!

I swear in the name of Betty Crocker that the cigar he is smoking right this very second as we sit out here in lawn chairs in the driveway talking about what to have for dinner like the old people that we are...

Damn. I lost track of that sentence.

I swear in the name of Betty Crocker that the cigar Valentino is smoking right now reminds me of chocolate cake. Thank heavens the wind is blowing in my direction, because...chocolate cake.

This Selectos De Oro (6 1/4 x 43) smells so good I want to lick it.
(Insert your own nasty comment here. It's almost too easy for me to do it.)
(Okay, add another.)

When we were at Mr. J's the other day, Valentino asked our friend and tobacconist (that is such a great word) Mark Feeley for suggestions on something new. You know, for variety. Certainly not because he was running low. Just because, you know, wandering taste buds and all...

Anyway, of the two new (to him) cigars he purchased,* this one is definitely a winner. I'm happy to sit next to him any day, but when he's smoking something this amazingly delicious, yowza.

The minute he lit it up, I recognized the taste and smell. Chocolate? Maybe. But something else. As I la-la-la-ed on the mighty internets, it came to me. The flavor in the back of my mouth and in my throat was the same I'd get at the end of a 12-hour baking class in culinary school. Delicious sweetness wafting around the room (or in this case the breeze)--not sweet enough to be cloying as some of the flavored cigars can be, just enough to make you hungry.

Get in mah belly. [source]

Okay, so as I'm typing, he's about halfway through and he just said, "This is getting sweeter."
And there's something else, too.  Some kind of spiciness. Almost like when I put cinnamon and roasted nuts or a hint of cayenne in my brownies. Oh jeez. Dammit.  I'm going to have to go to the internets for more information on the E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut.

The company describes the cigar as, "creamy and smooth yet it imparts a rich array of spicy, sweet, and nutty flavors." Yeah, bitches. Who doesn't even need to put the cigar in her mouth to enjoy the subtleties? This girl.

Other info you might want to know:

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Body: Mild to Medium
"It's got a really good draw too," he said. "And it has a Cuban-like flavor."

"Like the sandwich?" I ask, mainly because I'm getting hungry.

He shakes his head and puffs some more deliciousness in my direction. Ahhh...that'll keep me going for a few more short paragraphs (especially if someone else wrote them).

In the New Wave Connecticut review on, Brooks Whittington says, "The First Third starts out with more spice on the tongue then I was expecting (it is a Connecticut wrapper after all), but not overwhelming at all…Even with that, the profile is sweet and creamy from the beginning, with flavors of cotton candy, cedar, and leather…The spice does not increase during the first third, but stays at a constant level throughout…

"The Second Third remains sweet and creamy, but there is a shift in flavors: now I taste raisins, generic wood, leather and a slight earthiness…The spice from the first third has dissipated somewhat, but still remains in the background (thankfully)…

"The Final Third has most of the same flavors from the previous two thirds, but adds a nice tart, nutty note to the sweetness that really sets off the rest of the profile….The spice is up and down, but never gets in the way of the sweetness that is present, and actually enhances it…It never got hot at the end, and I was able to easily nub it …"

Good to the last drop, er...crumb, er...

Gotta go! Suppertime!


*The other didn't really match his preferred flavor profile range.  In other words, his head exploded as he smoked it because it was so strong.

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