Saturday, July 26, 2014

I hate this saying, but...Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I must have been drunk.


::looks at Valentino, who is also nodding::

So we took alllll the folks who subscribe to the feed and the few folks who commented, drew pictures of what we thought they looked at, went to the milliner and purchased a hand-made chapeau, put those pictures in aforementioned swanky topper, stirred the pot like that bitchy woman at work, reached into the depths, and drew out two names because someone has no actual feeling in her fingertips and therefore didn't realize her lobsterclaw digits were effing up a very simple process.

This is the hat I wanted to get...

But this one seemed like something I'd wear more often...

So we have two winners for Nica Rustica drawing.

Brian Schmidt and Philip Moses! You guys should email your mailing address to us at!! We're sending each of you a package of awesomeness!!

You are still not getting all of these. Don't be greedy!

Next up: Watch for the next drawing, which will be a fine Hechicera, because we love Grace Sotolongo!!! Stay tuned for details!!

You are not getting all these, either.  Do we look like we're made of money???
(Plus, keep in mind that I'm taking these from Valentino's personal stash, so....)

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