Friday, August 1, 2014

In Real Time: Our New My Father (Our Father?)

So there we were, in Broadway, picking up Leafs (Leaves? This will stymie the grammarian in me until the end of time) and on the counter sat this:

Yeah, I'm shallow enough to be drawn to a cigar by its band. Can you blame me?
The answer better be "No" or we're going to have words. And I'll type my words in ALL CAPS.

So we're right now at Habanos and I realize Valentino has that lovely cigar. I swoon. Or maybe it's because I'm sitting next to him.*

A terrible picture** but proof that I really am writing this at the cigar bar in real real-time.
Yes, that is bacon.
Doesn't your bartender bring you bacon? My bartender is better than your bartender.
Thanks, Nathalie!!

I generally like the My Father line, but they are definitely a strong family. My Father could beat up your father. Yeah, that strong.

He cuts the cap and sucks in to test the draw."I know I'm going to like this already." I assume he said the same thing when he first saw my profile.

He toasts the foot, starting their relationship. Ohhhh...

Then...THEN! He takes his first..."Wow. It's good." I barely hear him because I'm surrounded by butter. Butter? Creaminess. Cream? Have I died and gone to heaven? What do you call it when you're in love with My Father?***

Real time is hard when there's an Italian margarita taunting me, begging me to drink it.**** I keep getting distracted...*****

Oh, look. Time flies. Now we're here:

And things are starting to change. Added to the sweet deliciousness comes some nuttiness and "It's gaining more strength. More than a Connecticut usually does." And holy smokes (ha ha), pepper? Is that pepper? Not the black pepper from the grinder, but that sneaky red pepper that he smuggles into food and I don't know it's there and then BAM and I say, "You son of a..."

According to an article on the Cigar Aficionado website, "Aptly named My Father Connecticut, the blend showcases a Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador, a Corojo '99 binder from Nicaragua and a Nicaraguan filler blend of Habano and Criollo leaf.

"With the exception of the wrapper, every leaf of tobacco comes from the Garcia family's farms."

The My Father story is pretty cool and you should definitely read more about it. After all, you should get to know the whole family, right?

It's only mostly dead.
Is The Princess Bride the best movie of all time? Yes, yes it is.

Even with its increase in strength, this Connecticut is like a perfect relationship: starts out sweet and smooth, hits some serious spiciness with the sweet undertones remaining and continually builds strength. And just like an amazing relationship, you hope it will never end.

*Are you grossed out by my sappiness yet? What is my problem? I'm not usually like this! Ugh
**Any good pictures you see here? Valentino took them. Any weird or all-out bad pictures you see? That photographer is this girl right here.


****Any misspellings or awkward language from here on out is not my fault. Lauren makes a mother-effing strong margarita.

*****Honestly, I get distracted by a sparkle in the air, so...yeah...

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