Thursday, August 28, 2014

September Cigar of the Month: La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros

First off, let's congratulate Bryan Kizer for winning the August giveaway! Two Padrons will be on their way to him shortly!! Yay, Bryan!

So the other night at Habanos, we met up with our friend John from Broadway Cigars* and while we were chatting about all the things in the world, he handed Valentino an Artesanos de Tabaqueros from La Gloria Cubana.
She's a beauty, all right.
"You have to try this," he said.

We did. And boy, howdy,** was it ever great.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade/Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Dominican/Nicaraguan/Honduran Proprietary/Secret
Binder: Secret***

According to the La Gloria Cubana website, this Dominican Republic cigar is "[m]eticulously crafted to combine two different wrappers and two distinct tastes in one eye-catching cigar. Artesanos de Tabaqueros is a world-class smoke that opens to a rich and intriguing spice and ultimately reveals a depth of flavor that can only be achieved through a precise balance of unique and rare tobaccos. Hand selected from General Cigar’s extensive library of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos, the cigars are dressed in both a supple Connecticut Shade and hearty Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. The blend is made solely of proprietary tobaccos, each aged five years or more."

Valentino and I both loved this stick from the first moment of toasting. Well, I loved it even before that because the complete coolness of the two-tone wrapper and the band placement.

The Connecticut wrapper started us slowly and smoothly, with a creaminess, which you all know I love. But as we moved to the Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf portion of the show, the potency and flavor ramped up to a richer, peppery, more full-bodied, earthy flavor. We liked it so much, five may have been purchased to reside in the new humidor we're going to keep telling you about but not actually show you. Think about how happy you'll be when the reveal comes!****

Then, the other night, at Valentino's Surprise Birthday Party,***** our friend Rick (Hi, Rick! Hi, Christen!) was looking for a recommendation. I knew exactly where to go--straight for the Artesanos de Tabaqueros! And he loved it! (How could he not?)

So, the point to this story is that choosing the cigar for this month was super easy!! Thanks, John, for pointing us in this direction!

No, you do not get the whole box. Sorry! We're not THAT nice!

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The winner will be chosen on the 25th of each month--because my birthday is on the 25th (of December; be sure to mark your calendars), and what better way to count down to the blessed event than to give something away?

So! Comment below. Wheeeee!

*That was quite a meta event, seeing a cool guy from one of our hangouts actually hanging out at another of our hangouts. The world was a little off-kilter there for a while!!

**What does this even mean?

***Duuuuudes...I can totally keep a seekrit!

****Yes, I watch too many HGTV shows because I love the transformative reveal at the end. So sue me.

*****Yes, I am behind on blog posts. Sorry! We'll catch up one of these days!


  1. Greetings and thanks again for the Padrons. I have a saying "Smoke It Like It's Your Last One" because my last one was on July's almost September 4th...which means the two Padrons came at a good time.

    As a stay at home parent my ability to get out and try new things or even enjoy an old favorite doesn't happen very often, but since no one else has commented so far...I will. I always enjoy giving something new a try, and miss being able to frequent my local B&M.

    La Gloria Cubana is a brand much like Padron that I'm familiar with and enjoy from time to time. So, I'll be glad to comment in hopes that I'll get a chance to try one of these too.

    Have a blessed day!
    Blessings & Grace;
    Bryan Kizer - Pastor

    PS. I can be reached at or

  2. I love everything LGC. Great cigar at a great price point. My first "real" cigar!

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  4. Nice review - thanks for the contest.

    (All replies to this will get sent to my email)

    1. Matt! You're one of our two winners! Yay! Email your address to me ( and we'll get your cigars out to you early in the week!

    2. Excellent - thank you so much! Much appreciated! Email forthcoming

  5. I'm glad I came across this blog! Love the review and would love to smoke one of those beauties!!

  6. Excellent review!

  7. Looks like a great cigar. I am really looking forward to lighting one up in the very near future!!

  8. Love the double wrapper. This reminds me I have some LGC aging for a few years in the back of the humi. Cant wait to break one out tonight. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. had my first one of those about a month ago at the Cigar Boxx here in Greenville, SC. man, it was good!

  10. Sounds fantastic! Like the idea of the transition from one to another within one!


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