Sunday, August 3, 2014

Perfect Storm, Perfect Cigar, Perfect Gentlemen*

The other day, when we stopped at Mr. J's Havana Shop in West Warwick, RI (one of our all-time favorite places), we heard about the new J. Grotto Anniversary that's coming very very soon (although that's all we're going to tell you about that right now).

One of the things I like to do there at Mr. J's, which I may have mentioned in the past, is gaze longingly at the sticks, trying not to lick the glass, and pretend I'm rich enough to buy two of each for Valentino--one to smoke and one to keep. However, I am not, so I have to be selective in my purchases.

1. There are two particular cigars that have been sitting there for months, taunting me.
2. Those two cigars are cool looking.
3. They remind me of the two caballeros.
4. The two caballeros are cool looking.

In the perfect storm of cigar purchases, all these things happened.

Not my picture because I forgot to take one, but these were the two... [source]
Here's the deal:

Caballero #1 leans toward the mild-to-medium cigar, although he'll try anything and has been known to fall in love with a full-bodied baby.** I'm looking at you, Nica Rustica. So he got the La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Natural. (Because it looked like it would be milder even though I know--I KNOW--that's not always the case.)

Caballero #2 prefers full-to-blowyourfreakingheadoff, although he too will smoke almost anything. (The "any port in a storm" method of cigar smoking.) He received the  LFD Mysterio Obscuro.

So when I saw those two lying next to each other (cigars--get your mind out of the gutter), I got all generous spendy and demanded*** the 7 x 54 Perfectos become mine.****

We gathered at Habanos and commenced smoking and second-hand smoking and chatting with friends! (Hi Nathalie! Hi Amanda! Hi Eric! Hi Sean!)

We've already discussed my bad photography skillz. Sorry!

I know we've discussed this cigar's cousin before, but perfect storm, baby! Perfect. Storm. And perfect smoke, bringing together peppery notes with some cedar and coffee.

Look at how cool the burn is:

Valentino says, "Go ahead and try to knock my ash off. I dare you."

No, really. Try. That sucker refused to let go.

Here's a cool video about rolling the Mysterio:

After that smoke, we all headed to Ale House Cigar Bar to bask in the joy that is cool-guy Jake. While there, Caballero #2 may have purchased a box of five. Yeah, they come in boxes of five. Yeah. You should get one--if there are any left after I get there!

*::cough cough::

**Shut up.

***And by demanded, I mean I said, "May I please have the two last Mysterios?"

****Not unlike I have made the caballeros my own personal knights in shining armour.

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