Saturday, August 30, 2014

The One that Got Away--It's Box-worthy!*

The other night, under pressure of deadline and associated crazy, I sent Valentino away. He wound up at Habanos, which is great because that's where he headed in the first place, with pland to meet up with a bunch of super cool folks.

As my state reached pinnacle crazy, he packed up a few cigars, kissed me goodbye, and fled.  Usually I'll ask what tubular treasures he's taking with him, but I didn't. My brain, she is a weeeee bit fried. Twenty six measly letters into many, many combinations of words and sentences and paragraphs and then all of a sudden, he was home.**

So while I spent hours finagling a book proposal into some semblance of order, he enjoyed this:

Damn, he's a good picture-taker.
Once again My Father Cigar has made a spectacular impression and I'm just sorry I missed it.
Once he found out the details of the Flor de las Antillas, a sun-grown wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder, we said, "Ahhh. Of course." We've discovered over many many many cigars that he does tend to favor the leaves of Nicaragua.

According to Cigar Aficionado, the company released the Flor de Las Antillas brand in May 2012. "The standout of the four-size brand is the Toro, which has a gentle, rounded box press and a beautiful and evenly colored wrapper. The smokes are delicious from the first puff, with notes of nutmeg, white pepper and just enough strength without being overpowering. They are hard to put down. They are classics, 96-point smokes on our 100-point scale."


The Flor de las Antillas, the "first entirely box-pressed line from My Father Cigars, means 'Flower of the Antilles'; the Flor de las Antillas represents Cuba, the largest island in the Greater Antilles islands, and home to the Garcia family's rich cigar making heritage. Traditionally focused on more full-bodied cigars, Flor de las Antillas ventures into the company's untapped niche of a true medium-bodied experience." [source

The company states on their website, "The Garcia family has decided to put that name on this amazing and unique creation, combining a great cigar with a design that includes accents from the original art created in the early 1900s, packed in a box of 20 cigars. It is a 3/4 to Full-Bodied cigar Box-Pressed of a sun grown wrapper harvested in Las Marias farm, located in the region of Namaja­ in Estela­, Nicaragua, owned and operated by the Garcia Family. This cigar is blended with several Cuban tobacco seeds, making it smooth and creamy. It starts with the signature My Father spice and has a rich cocoa flavor. It produces a beautiful white ash giving it a great finish."

Valentino noted that the cigar started with a blast of spiciness and hint of pepper but it ebbed quickly and headed into a sweeter mild-medium smoke with hints of wood and leather behind it all. We're going to have to take his word for it, since I wasn't there. Oh, and he knows what he's talking about, so there's that...

::Happy dance:: We're getting a box of these! [source]

We can't quite remember where we got the magical Flor de Las Antillas toro (6 x 52)***; it surfaced as he mucked around in one of the humidors.**** But we certainly know where the next one is coming from--and the one after that. Seems there was a groupon for an online cigar shop we've purchased from in the past. Using that, a box of these delights is on its way to us shortly.

I can't decide if I want to end this by saying he should go out on his own and discover more awesome cigars or if I should be totally selfish and demand to second hand smoke them all. Guess the deadlines will have the final say.


**I have absolutely no recollection of what this sparkle was going to be.

***It also comes in Belicoso (5 1/2 x 52), Robusto (5 x 50), and Toro Gordo (6 1/2 x 56).

****We just remembered from whence it came! A cigar dinner last fall at Cosantino's in Providence, sponsored by Habanos!

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