Saturday, August 9, 2014

I hate to say it, but no other title fits*: Boys and their Toys (and room for activities!)

Here's what I've noticed: these guys have partially reverted back to their Matchbox car collecting days. And I don't mean just the Two Caballeros. I mean pretty much alllll the guys (and probably some ladies too, but I don't know many women who smoke cigars).

Even in the facebook groups we belong to exists a constant stream of "Hey! Look what I got!" I'm not saying we're immune to that kind of joviality, as a certain Italian happened to have posted this picture with exactly the same message:

Look! Opus X Lost City and Double Corona!
One of these is getting to be more rare than Ishmael's white whale.
And has a life expectancy of Quint's boat.
(Yes, I am mixing my references. You'll just have to deal with it.)

I met the Two Caballeros and Nathalie at Habanos the other night and some serious cigar trading had already occurred, as well as some wing-eating. That's okay, because my two men, they are kind and generous and brought me some good eats from the Boneyard and all was right with the world.**

Caballero #2 gifted his counterpart with these gems, which they both showed me as I nom-nom-nomed. Their activities*** harkened back to when my son was young and he and his friends would get together and showcase their new treasures. Actually, that still happens now, but with guns and cars rather than $5 toys.

Doc ain't playin' no more. We're talking serious booty.

Well played, but now a retaliation is in order. Eventually someone's going to have to cry "Uncle" or this is going to get really expensive. More expensive. I'm wondering if there's a reset button where they start again with packages of Backwoods purchased at the gas station.

After I had food in me and stopped making the hungry-cranky face, we headed to Broadway Cigars, which is also a cool place to hang out, not just buy cigars that you've been desperately looking for. We met up with Bobby Ianiero, who is one of the big cheeses (cheesi?) but you'd never know by his super cool laid-back awesomeness. We also met JV, who, from what I understand, is the cheesiest of all. (In a good way. In a trying-to-force-a-metaphor way.)

Why do we drive by it Every. Single. Time?
We need to learn to pay more attention...
and not gaze longingly into each others' eyes while driving.

Broadway is BYOB (with a small corkage fee if you're not a member) and OIYOP (no charge, member or not).**** The folks make you feel all settled in and cozy the moment you walk into the large place. Want to sit and read? There's a place for that. Play cards? Yep. Chess? Got it. Private gathering? Roger that--if you're a member. They're also having a super groovy event soon, that I can't attend because I get to teach people how to write. You are lucky. I am not. You should go--and tell Bobby I sent you! (And I'll only charge you one of the cigars you're going to receive at the dinner, sooo...extra lucky you!*****)

Oh yeah, and Matchbox trading also happened there. Bobby gave Valentino these******:

Hello, new friends...

Here's the thing: How do you trade with someone who has all the cigars? I've put on my thinking beanie and so has Valentino. It's like trying to one-up someone who owns a toy store. Because really, we all know it's about one-upsmanship. It's guys we're talking about here.*******

The generosity doesn't stop with cigars, though. Nathalie fulfilled the BYOB and the OIYOP, generously bringing our favorite beverages and ordering a pizza the size of a small nation. And don't worry--we're thinking about how we'll thank her as well... Be prepared, Nathalie...

*Trust me: I tried.

**The thing abut teaching a four hour class that is an hour from home means an entire feeding is missed--and missed dearly.

***This word always reminds me of this, and now that I think about it, the Two Caballeros remind me of them too:

****Order In Your Own Pizza.

*****Finders-keepers fee.

******This is not the first time: Another time we were there, this happened:

*******Don't go getting all crazy-feminist all over my butt. We all know this is true. And I love them for it.

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