Thursday, August 28, 2014

One of you will be receiving two TWO! Padrons! And the winner is...

As Valentino organizes his new humidor (which you will get to see as soon as it's prettified and stocked), I managed to lay claim to not one, but two Padron '64 Anniversary Series for you folks. Full disclosure: The humidor seems to be low on the torpedoes, so I'm sending you this instead (I'm sorry if it makes you sad that it's not torpedo action; please don't yell at me--I'll just cry and that's not something anyone wants to see). What was I saying? Oh yeah, this is coming your way:

'64 Anniversary Series Diplomatico and Exclusivo, coming soon of you.
That's way better than what we promised--one measly torpedo!
What a bunch of cheapskates we are! Or at least we gave the illusion of being!

 Or at least one of you folks, since it's time for the reaping.

I bet you do. [source]
So we scientifically scribbled the names on paper--remember, one for a comment on the giveaway post and another for signing up for our mailing list--and tossed them into this beauty (below), which Valentino received as a birthday gift from our super fab neighbors. (Not these neighbors, because that would just be weird. And probably inappropriate.)

A visual representation--not the actual one because it's currently in use and if you know anything about me at this point, obvs I am not going to get up and wash an ashtray when I can steal a picture of a pristine one from the internet. Yes, it was clean during the choosing, but then cigars happened, as they are wont to do on cool, waning summer evenings.
And the winner is...Bryan Kizer!

Wahoooooo! Yay Bryan! [source] Now go check out the September giveaway!!

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