Thursday, September 18, 2014

She blinded me with science! Plus! Deep Dish (but not apple pie!!)

I like Super Dave* and Sarah, Queen of Science.** They are nice, kind, funny, thoughtful people we see on the weekends and sometimes during the week at one of our hangouts.

Dave reminds me a little bit of my boy, so I have a little special place in my heart for him. Sorry, Dave, but not enough that I'm going to sign you up for Cigar of the Month Club too. But so very very close!

Here's what Dave smokes: the Drew Estate Acid Deep Dish, which makes me think of apple pie, which makes me think happy thoughts** Unfortunately, it doesn't smell like apple pie.

[Valentino would like me to point out here--not in a sparkle at the bottom--that deep dish could also mean pizza.  I say, "Shhh. Stop talking," because deep dish pizza? Yuck. I do not like the pizza bones or the 72 cubic tons of cheese on my pizza. And sauce on top of the cheese? What the what? So we're going to stick with this image:]

Not this. Boo. [source]
Luckily, I really like what the Deep Dish does smell like, which is fortunate, since I like sitting next to Dave and chatting. What's that? You want to know what it does smell like? Well, there's an underlying sweetness upon which rests hints of coffee and floral undertones. Mmmm. Almost as good as pie!

According to, "What I love about these Acid cigars is the fact that they are indeed ‘real’ cigars. If you retrohale them you can pick up the typical flavors you would in a cigar. I was finding this very woody and earthy note on the retrohale that complimented the sweet candied flavor on the lips. It’s actually quite enjoyable. The retrohale wasn’t packed with spice causing my eyes to water. It was a nice full flavored rounded out smoke."

This cigar is lovely. Except it doesn't smell like pie. I call shenanigans!

Drew Estate creates this infused cigar in their Esteli, Nicaragua factory. According to CI, "The Deep Dish is a chunky, 58-ring box-pressed beauty that's been carefully influenced by Drew Estate's proprietary recipe of aromatic herbs and botanicals. The smoke is exceedingly rich in tobacco flavor, thanks to a generous dose of black Nicaraguan long-fillers inside a light, silky-smooth Sumatra wrapper leaf."

As the cigar takes about an hour to smoke, that means I get to enjoy Dave and Sarah's company for a while!

Of course, Sarah is going to be solely responsible for me becoming an alcoholic. Every time I see her, she's requesting another delicious drink that I just have to try and then order my own.  One time, she said we were going to have chocolate cake shots.

I like cake. No, I loooove cake. She had the lovely bartender line up shots of Frangelico, along with a lime and packet of sugar.

"There is no way this is going to taste like a chocolate cake," I said.

"It will! It's science!" she proclaimed. 

So I dipped the lime in the sugar and then sucked on it, keeping the sweet juice on my tongue while I shot the Frangelico. I know my face lit up. "It tastes like chocolate cake!" I said, probably way too loudly.

It's this...but in a shot glass!!! OMG! [source]

"It's science!" she repeated.

Doubting Valentino doubted and so we lined him up with his own. And blammo. "It tastes like chocolate cake," he acquiesced.

"Science!" we all cried! And then ordered another, because...of delicious reasons.

Not this Super Dave. And by the way, have you seen recent pictures of this Super Dave?
He went a little heavy on the plastic surgery and Botox. Yikes. ::shivers::

**Obvs, not their real names.

***Did you know the Shakers ate pie for breakfast? True story. Ask my BFF Jame Richards!

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