Monday, December 1, 2014

December Cigar(s) of the Month: The Alec Bradley Collection!

We have a winner! Or as we say in New England, winnah!
Congrats @HawaiianMaile (and Rhonda Britten, who was also listed on the entry)!!
Valentino will take a much better picture upon his return home.

So, let's just say we know a guy. And this guy is very generous. And he has some cigars. And he gave us these cigars. And he said, "Here you go. Use these for the Cigar of the Month."

Here are the Two Cabelleros (center and right)
and Drinnan, Alec Bradley rep and Honorary Cabellero.

But he gave us a caveat: Make them work for it.

We nodded exuberantly, either because we are innately evil or the fab bartender (Hi Lauren!) had been making us delicious drinks and we aren't sure how many were consumed that evening.

So here's what we need you to do--one or two or three of the following:*

1. Follow us on twitter! We are @cigargal <--obviously Valentino had no say in the making of that twitter handle.

 Be sure to leave your twitter handle in the comments below--otherwise we won't know you're following us to be in the running for the Alec Bradley loot!

This is us--just so you know you're following the right folks!

2. Like Will the Travelling Owl's Facebook page.

Be sure to tell us your name in the comments below, especially if you post anonymously, so we can be sure you're vying for the loot <--(rhymes with hoot!) and not one of his already awesome friends.

Yep. That's Will. He's checking his Facebook page.
3. Sign up to receive our blog posts right smack dab in your inboxes! The sign-up box is right below the Alec Bradley picture on the right hand side.

No special directions here--we can consult the list of subscribers!

I don't have an appropriate picture for "receive our blog posts by email"
so let's check out the company's cool logo, okay?

The winner  is chosen on the 25th of each month--because my birthday is on the 25th (of December--whaaa? THIS MONTH!!; be sure to mark your calendars), and what better way to count down to the blessed event than to give something away?

*If you do two, you get two chances to win! If you do all three, that's three chances!


  1. Entered! @wataugariver

  2. I will try this again - entered! Robert Ritchie @wataugariver

  3. Good Morning! I believe I qualify because I've done all three. I followed you from both of my Twitter accounts @ChristMinistNWA and @BJKizer74, I've liked Will the Travelling Owl's Facebook page, and I get your updates at

    I believe it's also worth mentioning that Alec Bradley is by far my favorite cigar company. Most of the cigars in my personal top 20 are Alec Bradley cigars. I follow Alec Bradley on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I even had the Alec Bradley logo as my iPhone wallpaper for a while...I've since replaced them both with pics of my daughter...but that's because she's only 16 months old and gorgeous.

    Well, have a blessed day Penny & Valentino!

    Blessings & Grace;
    Bryan Kizer - Pastor
    Christlike Ministries NWA

  4. @BoogieBalboa on Twitter and Jason Perez on FaceBook. I couldn't quite figure out the blog post entry though... I hope this still makes me eligible... Thank You...

  5. Both done @cathauscoffee
    Jim Euritt

  6. Hey there Will!!! @HawaiianMaile & Rhonda Britten

    1. I also subscribed under

  7. Thanks for the opportunity. I have completed the 3 entries.

    Twiiter: @atllogix
    Facebook: Garron Frye

  8. Austin Landry for Will's page...@alandry12 on twitter

  9. Keala Fuiava for liking Will the traveling owls FB page... What a hoot! ;)

  10. @KealaLegacy for twitter

    Thank you for the fantastic opportunity to try these beauties!

  11. Twitter: @ColMattPrice
    Facebook: Matt Price


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