Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Cigar of the Month: Thank you!!! And we have a winner (or two)! (But you're going to have to work for it.)

And the winner of the Norteno cigars is...

First let me say, I was thinking the other, um, minute? That maybe I should shut the eff up because I was bitching in the last post about not being able to attend a few cigar events because I had to work. In honor of the season, I fully acknowledge that of course I am thankful I have an awesomely cool job and my students, for the most part, are fantasticly, or at least fantasticishly, awesomesauce.

Get it? Oh, I am dying of laughter! [source]

And then I decided I should not listen to myself complaining about bitching because:

1. I like the sound of my own voice (even the ones in my head)
2. Any sane person is going to have the sad if their partner-in-crime, er, cigars gets to cigar without their partner.*
The position has been filled!
Thanks, Valentino! Best. Partner. Ever. (Too mushy for the blog?)

I know you slogged through all that in order to get what you came for:**

The winner of the Nortenos is...

By the way, sorry I made you wait a few extra days. Since I missed five days of school recently because of the saddest of sadnesses, I've been trying the play catch-up and failing miserably. And then there was some badass food to be eaten. And then there's this deadline to revise a manuscript to perfection*** before sending it out, time crunched because of that lost week. And then the Christmas shopping that must be done and wrapped two weeks before Christmas... Zoiks.

So I'm a few days late. Since it's my thing and this is my blog, I can't even get in trouble.****

Evil laugh, of course! [source]
Also, by the way, thank you all so much for participating in the giveaway.  This was our most successful to date by a kazillion percent, so we are very very grateful that you shared your awesomeness with us.

Thanks for reading our blog! It really is a labor of love.*****

So without further...

Oh. Hold on. While we're talking about random things, I have to beg you to follow our friend Will the Travelling Owl on Facebook.****** If you like what we're giving away here, you'll totally dig what we have coming up at the beginning of the year over there!! Plus, he's pretty fun and has a ton of adventures, some of which we talked about here!

Okay, for realz this time. Except I'm stalling. I want to send you all something, but I suspect Valentino will be super pissed if he comes home to find the cupboard (humidor) bare.

So I'm choosing two of you. And he can't stop me because he isn't here. Insert that evil laugh here, too.

The winners are:

Denee Salazar and  JCarrier02 <<~~I'm assuming that's not his/her real name!!

Hahahaah. [source]

What's the December Cigar of the Month?

We're glad you asked!! A collection of cigars plus some swag from the amazing folks at Alec Bradley. Go here for contest details!!
Upon his return, Valentino will take a much better photo.
But yeah, you get this!!

*For heaven's sake, like I tell my students, although they don't believe me, I'm not a monster!!

**I was going to make a funny--very funny (in my head)--joke about it being similar to suffering through a fabulous dinner while on a date in order to have delicious sex with that devastatingly attractive and funny companion. But I didn't want to offend anyone. So there you go!

***Some might call this writing, but I call it revising with style.

****Because Valentino is away and doesn't know I haven't done it yet.  What? Oh.

*****Why am I so sappy today? Grrr. Buck up, soldier!

******No, it is not weird that we just called a stuffed owl our friend.  Check out the Facebook page and you'll see why it's not crazy at all!!

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