Monday, December 15, 2014

A Bounty of Christmas Spirit (or: Where's Will?)

The festivities abound, as we told you about recently. We are (cigar) party animals as we count down to the VBT (10 days!).

Tonight, we are at one of our favorite places, Broadway Cigars, and guess who is here!
This guy! And Jim Robinson,
he of Leaf by Oscar and Island Jim Cigars
Our hosts, the lovely Bobby and JV, wish you could have been here with us! They told us they missed you!  Here's what you could have gotten:

Will practicing his showcase skills,
with the hopes of having a guest spot on The Price is Right.
How's he doing?
I know you probably know lots about the Leaf and Island Jim cigars, but if you're new (Hi! Welcome!), check out the links for lots and lots of information and jocularity.*

There were some shenanigans and this happened:

And this:

But let's talk about the best part of the night.** About 90 percent of the guys who came in had a bag of toys for this:
Can you find Will in this picture?
(No, we're not giving him away!)
Will wants you to help provide toys for the kids of Federal Hill House in Providence, RI. Stop by Broadway Cigars with a toy. Can't get to the toy store? Make a donation and Bobby will do the shopping for you!

You know, there are only ten days until Christmas, in addition to the VBT, so get over there quickly and help out a kid or ten.

And while you're there, buy a cigar or ten or twenty--they make great gifts for yourself, or someone else. We recommend getting cigars for someone who doesn't smoke them and then you'll get to keep the gift, but the giving still counts!***

While you're there, make friends with the folks at Broadway. You'll be so glad you did!

*And inane comments.

**Besides the food. And the company.

***We actually know someone who did this--gave Valentino a gift; it didn't work, so they brought it back. The people counted the gift as given! Boom! (And he's still out a gift from that year.)****

****Not that we're keeping track, but, yeah, we're keeping track.

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