Friday, August 7, 2015

Two out of three ain't bad.

The other day, Valentino and I met up with Caballero #3 for Rooftop Cigar Shenanigans, er, make that a Cigar Social on the roof of a Mohegan Sun parking garage. Remember? We told you about it here.

While up there, we saw this picture, courtesy of Caballero #2 and the mighty internets:

#2 with a Padron '64.
Because these guys are who they are, naturally, a retaliatory photo session occurred:

#1 and #3 with a Padron '64.
A bunch of glad-handing and glad-kissing with cigar rep SuperFriends ensued. (Hi Jon! Hi John! Hi Cody! Hi Dave! Hi Mike-who-is-not-on-Facebook! Hi John-who-did-not-remember-us!*)
Then this happened:
The bloom was off the rose. We had the tired.
The moral of the story? We missed you, Caballero #2!
*I know you're thinking, "How is that even possible? You guys are so awesome and memorable!" I know!

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