Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where we may be...maybe: A three-hour tour

Last year's event was a two-hour tour and that wasn't nearly long enough to chat with everyone you know and love (or want to know and love) and eat delicious foods and smoke one of the many amazing cigars you received.
So this year, a three hour tour...

 I'll be part of "and the rest," so as to remain incognito.  I probably won't be wearing gingham--although I am technically a professor, so there's that...
Anyway, join us (maybe) and a ton of cool kids (definitely) on Boston Harbor for the Massachusetts Tobacco Retailers Association (MTRA) cigar cruise. In addition to being a super fun event (if you remember to take your Dramamine), you're also helping raise money for some serious legislation ass-kicking.*


Even if we wind up not going, you definitely should! It will still be fun even if we aren't there!

Don't forget to pack and bring your entire wardrobe like Thurston Howell III and his lovely wife Lovey.

Get your tickets here:
The Owl Shop (This was not named after Will, no matter what he tells you.)
416 Main St Worcester - (508)-753-0423

Cigar Room II (Hi Karin!)
378 Walnut Street Ext. Agawam- (413) 285-8078

Old Firehouse (Hi John!)
116 Rock St, Fall River - (508) 678-2185

 L. J Peretti

2 1/2 Park Sq, Boston - (617) 482-0218

Watch City Cigar
497 Worcester Rd, Framingham - (508) 628-0112

Cigar and Lounge
56 Dexter Ave, Watertown - (617) 393-1645

Brennan's Smoke Shop (Hi Geoff!)
909 N Main St Brockton - (508) 897-0777
1 Broadway Taunton - (508) 823-5773
6 Broad St Bridgewater - (508) 697-9990
1510 Route 44 , Raynham - (508) 828-5773
24 Main St Plymouth - (508) 746-5711
308 Brockton Av, Abington - (781) 871-4388

Premium 70/70 Cigars (Hi Nolan!)
875 State Rd, Westport - (508) 677-0333

 Red Lion Smoke Shop
93 Washington St, Salem - (978) 745-2050

Harrington Wine and Liquors
10 Summer St, Chelmsford- (978) 256-2711

Victory Bar and Cigar
56 Shrewsbury St, Worcester (508) 756- 4747

*There's probably a more politically correct way to say this, but I don't want to.

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