Friday, May 29, 2015

Cigar Lounge Manners: Don't beg

Let's start with this:

There's a difference between asking and begging.

What you think you look like...

Ask: Request (someone) to do or give something.
"May I borrow your lighter?"
"Would you mind watching my stuff while I run up the street to get Penny some ice cream?"

What you actually look like...

Beg: In the cigar world, think of it as passive-aggressive asking, also known as dry begging
"I've never had an Opus X...I heard they're good..."
"Oh, yeah, my buddy said those CAO Amazon Basins are great but really hard to find. You're lucky to have some."

You may think you're being subtle, but everyone within hearing distance (and all the friends they're texting) knows exactly what you're doing. You want that person to give you what they have, with no offer of anything in return.

You're also putting the other person in a really bad position. He's going to feel obligated to fulfill your unsubtle request and will probably weep inside as he hands that precious stick over. He'll probably also avoid you for the next forever, or as long--and often--as possible.

If you are really dying to try the cigar he has, ask where he got them. That's all. Maybe try, "I've been on a hunt for those. Where did you track them down?" 

If he offers you one, say "No, thank you. I know how precious they are. But I will track check them out at [name of shop]. I really appreciate the offer, though."

By the way, this dry begging also exists in Facebook groups, cigar groups especially.  Trust me, those internet cigar superstars can spot begging more quickly than a mere cigar lounge mortal, so don't even try. Please. For the sake of all cigar smokers everywhere, just don't. Okay?


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