Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It is literally 15:02 as I write this story about 1502. (My phone is on military time so I can't eff up the alarm.)

Waaaay back in the day ::cough Christmas cough:: the awesome Shannon Baxter, Southeast US Territory Manager for House of Emilio, sent me a gift. (Thanks Shannon!) In the fab package were a couple of these:

The Emerald and Ruby 1502 cigars, to be specific, mild and medium strength, respectively.

Valentino nom-nom-nommed those up--or whatever the cigar version of nom-nom-nom is.*

Now there's a new member of the 1502 gang! The 1502 Black Gold!

You will be (metaphorically) punched in the gut with its strength and awesomeness. From the 1502 website: "If you like strong cigars, you’ll definitely love this one...It has a double binder and long filler from Nicaragua." There's also a natural Maduro sun-grown tobacco wrapper, in case you were wondering.**

Here's a handy chart from the 1502 website about the Black Gold:***

Strength: Full Body (8/10 – 8.8-/10)
"Start off with Forest soil and nuts, and with wood aroma.
Light pinch of pepper or chili over a delicate chocolate sweetness.
Delicate fruit notes. Very multi-layered & complex."

Oh! And they have your favorite size! Sorry, vitola! They have all the favorite si...vitolas!****
  • Toro (6 x 50)
  • Torpedo (6 x 50 box-pressed)
  • Perfecto (6 1/8 x 50 box-pressed)
  • Conquistador (6 x 56 box-pressed)
  • Lancero (7 x 48)
  • Corona (5 1/8 x 44)
 The point of all this (and you know how I do go on...) is that there's a new article and video about the 1502 on iROBUSTO. I had something to do with one of these and nothing to do with the other.*****

 Okay then. You go check out that video and I'll go watch the Beverly Hillbillies! (Did you know that the theme of the show is actually called "The Ballad of Jed Clampett"? Now you know! Enjoy!)

*I'll come up with something. Don't you worry!

**I know you were wondering. Don't deny it!

***Yeah, yeah, "Black gold...Texas tea..." We can't get the Beverly Hillbillies theme out of our heads either. Sorry about that.

****I know! This doesn't look right. But because "vitola" is Spanish, the pluralization is simply to add an S. I want it to be more complicated than that, like Latin, but, sigh, no.

*****You're obviously smart enough to figure out which is which.

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