Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fore! Eight, actually, in a lovely box. Plus two more to smoke!

So there we were, sitting at the cigar lounge when someone mentioned that Davidoff Cigars had put out a special edition in honor of the Masters.*
"The new Davidoff Golf Limited Masters Edition has been created by Davidoff Masterblenders with moments of shared golf pleasures in mind." [source] It's also like they had my very own golfer in mind.

Put "Limited Edition" on anything and Valentino will want it--and of course I'll buy it for him--or at least I'll want it very badly until I get distracted by something else. Like air. He, however, will not forget.
Oh Davidoff, you wily buggers.
You had me at Limited Edition.
Want to know what's in the white piano lacquer box?
Two different formats, which have been crafted with eight-year-old typical Dominican filler tobaccos: Piloto Volado, San Vicente Visus, Piloto Visus Hybrid and Corojo/Olor Seco. [source]

Wrapper:         Ecuador Connecticut
Binder:            Dominican Criollo
Filler:               Piloto Volado, San Vicente Visus, Piloto Visus
Hybrid:            Corojo/Olor Seco
Aroma:            Rich
Format:           Toro (54 x 6)
Format:           Robusto (52 x 5)
According to the Davidoff website, "The beautifully crafted cigar box, finished in a white piano lacquer, opens like a book. It boasts 4 toros and 4 robustos.

"Moreover, in order to highlight this very special Davidoff Golf Limited Masters Edition, all toros and three out of the four robustos feature an exclusive 'Golf' second ring.

"The second ring in gold on the last robusto serves to reward and honor the winner."

Because I've met my guy,*** I knew no one would ever actually smoke the ones in the box (under the threat of death). So I purchased two of the Course sticks, one for him and one for Caballero #2. The minute Valentino lit up that toro, he scowled at me for giving the other one away.
I shrugged.** And then I went online and bought more.
Speaking of golf, we were at a cigar dinner sponsored by a local Masonic chapter and of course there was a raffle and of course we won...
Most awesome (blurry) photo by moi.
This is the Masters winner, Jordan Spieth
In a perfect world,
he will sign both this and the Davidoff box.
We should invite him for dinner!
He doesn't even need to bring a Sharpie!
Anyway, these Davidoff babies aren't as rare (yet) as I expected, with 7,500 boxes created, so a quick internet search could set you up right quick, but you shouldn't tarry, lest you lose out. Then you will have the sad.
Don't have the sad.
*That's golf, in case you didn't know.
**Really, what more could I do?


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